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It’s time to be or not to be

Ours is not a happy planet. Our land down under is no longer remote. Like it or not, we are in the firing line as are all nations, and let’s face it, we have been very slow from the starting blocks.  We need precious time to become more self -reliant and clearly to have a sense of purpose to enhance our security. If such political intent already exists, our people are still waiting to be told what it is.

At the moment, divisiveness is thriving, thanks to the meekness of our leaders to oppose political correctness and ranting groups such as WOKE and ZERO Culture. They are noisy minority groups with no regard to the law, and intent in destroying our national pride, including history and culture. Then there are those who disgrace their noble profession of teaching and are poisoning the minds of our very young with their own pathetic agendas.

We need to pursue unity not wallow in the mud of time-consuming pointless debates of them and us and in between. As a nation, we need once more to master our sense of pride of who we are, what we are and what we strive to be.

The way of life we enjoy did not come easy and was achieved with blood sweat and tears. Those before us had visions and pursued their dreams until they became reality.  Their family structure and conduct was the foundation of our nation. Such generations demonstrated strong social discipline and always was their strong faith in themselves and beliefs to hold them in good stead, be it war, nature’s constant tantrums or great depressions, to name but a few.

We are but caretakers to ensure that in such a changing world, our values are not prostituted or surrendered and are very much alive for those who follow us. That may well be an impossible task if we continue to procrastinate and talk of petty things while growing idle, fat and meek. The choice is simple; to once more become a fiercely proud united, determined and resilient nation with sound vision, or remain impotent, idle and gutless and watch our nation slowly fade away to become a page of history of what used to be.

Our message should be clear; “our country and way of life are not for sale”

The above aims cannot be achieved without sound leadership at all levels. It begins in Canberra and reaches out spreads to the most distant governing body within our nation.

Prime Minister, it is time for a recognised and positive sense of direction which our people understand. It must be a policy which is timely, achievable and which will also enhance national pride, unity, ensure security and set milestones for future generations to consider.

If there are those in command at any level of our national structure in the starting blocks who can’t or won’t be part of the team, then tell them to bugger off before the great marathon begins.


A greedy rich dragon is on the prowl and so near

Marching south in anger and without fear

Towards our placid land down under, bearing economic and military might

Hungry for power, to steal riches and to end our most fortunate way of life


Gawd, our boasted busy factories are still fairy tales and our armoury is bare

Reliance on others is the norm for refined oil; and nuclear power we never did dare

More limiting rules on combat to please both UN and foe is definitely a farce

And Uncle Sam can’t help; he’s too busy kneeling on his knees for a sinful past


Despite the roar and heat of the dragon’s breath, now at close range

The Greens still shun fossil fuels, and forever worship climate change

“Woke” contrary to its name is still in very deep, deep sleep

“Zero Culture” seeks to destroy our past, and disunity soon to reap


As reality dawns, panic replaces lethargy and dull fantasy games

The dragon moves closer to occupy old leases and brand-new claims

Sleepy senior Suits have yet to gather to decide what must be done

Alas, from neglect in planning, the war, be it with gold or blood, can’t be won


The war-room is cluttered with make believe plans of national defence

The great hope of fools was a fleet of yesterday’s submarines 25 years hence

Young warriors with blunt spears wait for orders on what they must do?

Then brace themselves for a mission impossible they already knew


We do not know what the fortunes of what tomorrow will be

Yet lessons of war are very clear and much we should have learnt from history

The best way to prevent war is to be ready for it, and has always been the call

For most we were ill prepared, and despite the misery, have learnt bugger all


The Suits in ever smaller circles stumble over reams of new rules on the floor

Passing dusty cobwebbed books of Lessons from War

Hurdling boxes of political correctness that have always been in the way

Fearing the unexpected as the dragon’s roar is now heard night and day


Finally, the penny drops as the leader, head down with shuffling feet

Whispers to all, one last desperate gamble to avoid defeat

“Let’s burn PC ***and reactivate the rogue squadron of Who dares wins

To go help their military comrades to commit war’s terrible sins”


“If it works; we can shower them with garlands of praise

If we lose; we blame them all for the rest of our days

When they bleed, thirst, shiver, sweat, and die, we’ll turn a blind eye

Soon or late, build another monument and back to sleep, by and by

George Mansford©December 2020

*** PC–Political Correctness

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