Dear Friends of Justice.

Above you see the unit flag of 2nd Squadron of the Special Air Service Regiment. This is the unit whose members have been accused of war crimes in Afghanistan amidst great publicity when the condemnatory Brereton Report came out. The Prime Minister, by contacting the Afghanistani President to apologise, seemed to accept the recommendations of the report as stated; the Minister of Defence also excoriated the accused; the Chief of the Australian Defence Forces and his Chief of the Army, various members of the Australian parliament, most of the media, and other assorted commentators, all accepted the report as having proved the culpability of the accused. Without any official, legal and competent investigation, thus denying the accused of natural and legal justice.

The chiefs of the ADF and possibly some or all of the above-named politicians, but especially the Chief of Army, decreed or agreed with a decision to strip ALL of the members of 2 SASR of the Unit Citation, so costly won by ALL THOSE WHO SERVED IN THE 2ND, for the alleged crimes whose veracity has yet to be established. This egregious action which at the time had not been sanctioned by any regulations of the Army but whose inclusion in the regulations (reportedly) was inserted after the contents of the report became known.

This week, the removal of the squadron’s flag is to be hauled down, folded and will vanish forever into some archive somewhere, perhaps. The powers that be have been seeking present and past members of the regiment to participate in this disgraceful “ceremony”. Reportedly they are having a difficult time getting any volunteers, perhaps they will invite the above-named to join the destroyers of the good name of the squadron to hold a corner of the much-honoured flag.

I am writing to invite you all to include the image of the flag below in all you electronic communications this week to show support for a maligned superb unit of men whose service deserves infinitely more support and appreciation than it is getting from a gaggle of shiny-bums.

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