161 Battery Reunion – Australia

I am very glad to finally post the details of the reunion.

Dates and location:

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd October 2023, inclusive. As promised, these have not changed.

To be held at the Campbelltown RSL, 1 Carberry Ln, Campbelltown NSW 2560.


Friday 20th October 2023 – arrive, meet in the RSL for sundowner and catchup.

Saturday 21st – events TBA, a buffet dinner in a private room with bar service. Including short commentary and feedback.

Sunday 22nd – Farewell breakfast and depart.

Further detail will be fleshed out in due course.

Accommodation and Travel:

We did try to obtain a group booking to reduce the cost; however, the hotels were willing to take the booking but with very little discount.

The accommodation and travel are for everyone to organise themselves.

Below is a list of hotels in the vicinity of the RSL. Most are around 1 Km away, except the Maclin which is around 300 meters or so.

IBIS, Ridges (most expensive), Quest, Maclin, and Hermitage.
There is a train that leaves Sydney Airport and stops at Campbelltown.

Reunion Registration:

Registration is important for various reasons. Please send me an email with the following;
Name, email address, phone number and city of residence.


Please send any comms to me, by email or Messenger. Please do not use Facebook, as I do not monitor it and have turned off notifications. Two reasons; there’s too much fluff posted by people I don’t know and FB is very insecure.
My email is: [email protected]
Mobile: 0429 528 378 (Australia)

Reunion Cost and Payment:

We have booked a private room with a bar and buffet dinner for Saturday night. The cost is $100 per person. This is based on a minimum of 40 people.

The $100 does not include drinks.

Two important issues here.

1. We need to pay this upfront. So, in the next say 2 months we need full payment from everyone. Banking details for payment are below.
2. If we don’t get a minimum of 40 people, then the price will increase.
With the level and interest and excitement the idea of this reunion has produced, I believe with partners will well exceed 40.

Banking Details:

Chook (Ron Fowell), has set up a bank account, I have cut and pasted the details below.

VERY IMPORTANT: – your proper name (not army nickname, or no name at all) must be put in the banking details so we can account for who has paid and who has not.

Bank: St George Bank
10 Oxford Rd Ingleburn
NSW 2565
BSB: 112-879
A/C: 498 156 271
Swift Code: SGBLAU2S
Account Name: Ronald G Fowell

The Swift Code numbers are for those that are sending funds from overseas transactions

All participants must have my contact details

21 Dunkeld Place
St Andrews
NSW 2566
Phone 0425 326 838

This from Skin

161 Battery Reunion – Australia

The very sad passing of Joe Subritzky and Trotty recently reminds me of the reason why Chook and I decided to organise this reunion. It is to see as many people as possible we severed with, at least once more. With Joe and Trotty passing on, it is a reminder to all of us, we are no longer the fit young men we once were. In following people up I have found there are a number who cannot come to the reunion, due to serious health issues.

This may be the last chance of catching up with people that we hold fondly in our memories. And to retell funny stories and occurrences, with of course the embellishment of time and faded memory, but funny nonetheless.

To this end, I have a list of names of those that are coming so far. I am sure everyone reading this will have a smile when seeing the names and memories come to the fore.

(Names of attendees so far excluded because of Privacy Act concerns. Anybody who wants to see the names already attending, please get in touch with Skin at [email protected]  for a list of names; John McNicol Secretary RNZA Association.)

I know there is a number who are coming but have not registered yet, and I urge everyone to do so soon.

Lastly, although there are 6 months before the reunion, we need the registration and payment ASAP. We need to pay upfront soon, and we need more people to come to break even. Late payments will cause some issues for us.



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