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November Platoon need your help – please sign The Australian Parliament House Petition here.

Petition Purpose

On 21 October 2020, the ABC journalists Mark Willacy, Dan Oaks and Alexandra Blucher published a story that accused November Platoon, from Australia’s 2nd Commando Regiment, of committing a war crime based on the single ‘ear witnessed’ account of a US Marine.
The members of November Platoon have since written to the ABC and provided a 10 page letter addressing the provable lies and damage this article has and continues to cause our Veterans and families. We are calling on the Government to commission an Independent Review into this article to address the issues raised by the November Platoon letter dated 17 October 2021, and to assess the conduct of the ABC Journalists involved in accordance with the ABC’s own policies, the MEAA Journalist Code of Ethics, and all other appropriate legislation.

The Australian Parliament House has now accepted our petition and it is open for signatures until 22 December 2021. We need your support to achieve the accountability needed.

Heston has been tirelessly campaigning, with the support of Ben Fordham at 2GB, Paul Murray & Catherine McGregor at Sky News, Steve Price on Australia Today and every single person who has shared on their social media platforms.

To follow the FULL story you can find it on the website – CLICK HERE

Now we ask for your help, to simply sign & share this petition.
Yours in service,
VSF (Veteran Support Force)

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  • David Connor November 26, 2021  

    ABC is a national disgrace, but politician refuse to pull it into line.

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