Worthy of our support

We are trying to raise $35,000 to purchase get this 5-bedroom donga (pictured) to support veterans and first responders.

Veterans Retreat is committing $5,000 already, plus will cover the $2000 in transport (not part of the 35K purchase price) so that leaves $30,000 still to raise.

So far, we have revived $1600 in donations which is great, but still a long way to go

Please help us any way you can if every follower (7000) gave just the cost of one coffee we would hit our target.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible, please use your name as a reference and send us your email address for a receipt


Account name: Veterans Retreat Limited

BSB: 084 691 (NAB)

Account number: 29 121 8631



Tranquil & Grounded


Veteran’s Retreat will endeavour to achieve this object by.

  • providing care, accommodation, and camping grounds for Veterans to utilise for treatment, recovery, peace and enjoyment to further assist with their rehabilitation.
  • ​​providing relief accommodation for Veterans to utilise in a time of need.
  • assisting Veterans with physical and psychological conditions arising from their service to Australia.
  • assisting Veterans to become self-sufficient physically, emotionally, mentally and socially by encouraging involvement in activities such as.
  • psychological support and counselling.
    • animal therapy.
    • art therapy.
    • animal husbandry.
    • wellness activities such as yoga, aqua therapy, mindfulness, meditation

  • create sponsor or act as trustee for other organisations or funds having objects similar to those of the Company and that prohibit the distribution of their income and property amongst Members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on this Company;
  • ​provide money, property, services or benefits to other organisations or funds:
  • having objects similar to those of the Company.
  • that are Deductible Gift Recipients; and
  • that prohibit the distribution of their income and property amongst Members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on this Company.
  • seek donations and funding from the public and all levels of government to support the activities of the Company; and
  • do all things that further, are in aid of, or are ancillary or incidental to any of the Company’s objects.


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  • Trevor Rackley July 26, 2022   Reply →

    Re; Above Veterans Retreat, where is it to be situated ?

  • John Damian Kelly July 26, 2022   Reply →

    You have told us what you want but have not told us who you are, where is the donga and where you intend to put it.

  • Bill Stephen July 26, 2022   Reply →

    As you are in QLD and If this is for Veterans you may be able to obtain a grant through DVA or the RSL Qld
    for a start.

  • John Cook July 26, 2022   Reply →

    Details of the proposed donga would be helpful

    • Ray Payne July 27, 2022   Reply →

      I will post more information about Veterans Retreat this afternoon

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