Dear Ray,


Please note I need to rescind my previous covering email, as I was too liberal with my advice on the benefits should pensioners and retirees go back to work under this proposition.  The following is to replace my previous words, thank you.

Currently, Australia has a shortage of workers that have historically been filled by people from overseas.

Australia has relatively fewer people over 65 in the workforce than countries like New Zealand and the USA.

Australian pensioners start losing pension if they work and generate income over $480 per fortnight in addition to paying tax.

New Zealand doesn’t remove any pension for doing additional work.

National Seniors Australia has written to the Federal Treasurer and Shadow Treasurer (attached) calling for the penalties to pensions for working to be removed.

Give pensioners the choice that if they wish to do additional work and top up their pension, they can without the harsh penalties

I believe this is a great initiative for us oldies and worth supporting. I am trying to encourage as many organisations as possible to write to the Treasurer and Shadow Treasurer

Your organisation could either draft their own letter based on the information attached or write a cover letter to accompany a copy of the attached letters from National Seniors.

Any support for pensioners would be greatly appreciated. This initiative is great for industry and Australia as well.

Thank you and regards

Peter Billington




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