Some political empathy at the right level should help view hazardous service in a more understanding way.

Some veterans are not getting their dues | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (targetsdown.blogspot.com)

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  • Kenneth Taylor July 16, 2022  

    Both sides of the Pollie Wafflers go on with the same old retrick. “Vote for us and we will make things better. Our Service personnel deserve better then what they get. It is disgraceful how the current Government are treating our Service Personnel, and Veteran Affairs needs cleaning up!” The two main parties sing from the same Hymn Book. It took a backlash from the Public and determination from individual service personnel relatives to get an inquiry going into suicides of Veterans, which both sides of the swamp opposed.

    Trust a Pollie Waffler to remain deceitful? Sure can!!

    As I have said before, “Name the Honest Politician currently in Government?” You have 12 months to make your decision.

  • Patrick Mann July 16, 2022  

    I was in Vietnam in 1965/66 . Have so many problems medically and psychological. My eldest son had to leave his occupation due to being unable to continue as a lecturer in a photographic studio. I was in an infantry bn and was continually being sprayed unknowingly by the us defence forces with agent orange defoliant. I received notification that I had been approved for payment due to the treatment I received but to date no further notice has been received. As it seems to be effecting my children and maybe my grandchildren I am looking for answers as are many Vietnam vets. I read recently that the USA had approved payment to their service personnel that had been effected. Any update from the government would be appreciated. I notice that they are just handing money out for everything else but once again the people who fought for the country are missing out again.

  • Eddie Barton ( ex RAR) July 17, 2022  

    Whilst one see the plight for all those from the Vietnam conflicts and other since to receive proper and fair compensation., please spare some of your time and thought with those ( I am one of those) who served in conflicts and wars prior. These soldiers who serve in the same Defence services for Australia the same as you did, noticeably receive less recognition.
    The actions of those who served in the Korean War., the Malayan Emergency which involved three Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment from the early 1950’s up to 1961 and then the conflict in Borneo Those who remain from the Korean War and Malayan Emergency have really dwindled in numbers. They also have ongoing health problems .
    We of the earlier conflicts played just as an important part of the services overseas commitments as did the later involvements and our recognition should be just as much recognised publicly. We are no longer those spritely ones and YES WE DO have our medical problem and hiccups with health services as you do now.
    We can only hope that those departments who are supposed to look after us do a back flip for the betterment of all seeking positive health and medical treatment.
    PLEASE during you daily thoughts give a few moments of your time to the diggers left from the earlier conflicts. We do it for you on a daily basis .
    To all those we can no longer have by our sides REST IN PEACE. You have serve your country dutifully and with pride

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