Why’s Grandad Cranky All The Time (by Stewart Elliott)

I am a RAAF Brat and a proud member of a strong military family. My dad (Doug Elliott) is the current VP for the RAAFA Sunshine Coast Area. He did his 20yrs but missed out on going to Vietnam but has many friends and colleagues who did. I think he has a bit of survivor guilt but to each their own.
I am a recognised poet I guess as my works have been published and a few are currently available on the ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee website. Click the link to view poems
A few are on display at various RSL’s and sub-branches and have been read out at Dawn Services.
I recently wrote one for the servicemen who went to Vietnam as they don’t get enough recognition it seems at times.
Please feel free to share with your members if you wish and think it might help them. You have my permission to share it if you wish. I seek no monetary reward but ask that I be acknowledged as the Poet.
I have been plagiarised three times to date and naturally find it upsetting.
Anyway, thanks for reading.
Lest We Forget

You are welcome to distribute with permission from the author.

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