Why pay so much for your fuel?

Why pay so much for your fuel?
Save 7 cents per litre on Ampol fuels with APOD. Limited time offer!?
As a current or former serving Australian Defence Force personnel, save 7 cents per litre on fuel at participating Ampol and Caltex* locations Australia-wide. Australian Partners of Defence (APOD) has partnered with Ampol to thank you for your service with this limited time offer. APOD is Australia’s official veteran benefits program delivering everyday savings to defence and veteran families in partnership with the Government. Simply sign up to APOD for free* and redeem this exclusive offer!
Since 2012, APOD has been working with businesses of all sizes to deliver exclusive offers to serving Australian Defence Force personnel, reservists, allied forces, veterans and their immediate family members. We recognise the unique nature of your sacrifice in service to your country and welcome you to join APOD, which was created exclusively for you.
*Conditions apply:
You must be an APOD member to redeem this discount.
The Ampol offer of 7c/Litre is a limited time offer for APOD members only. Once the offer period ends, it will revert to the regular Ampol-APOD offer.
To know more, visit our website www.apod.com.au or give us a call at 1300 00 APOD (2763).
Ampol Limited, through a subsidiary, is a licensee in Australia of the Caltex trademark, but is in the process of transitioning its network of over 1,900 sites to instead trade under its own Ampol trademark.

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One comment

  • Shane November 10, 2021  

    Please follow the steps to log in to your membership on a mobile phone to access the free Virtual APOD card and the Fuel Card

    Bring up the APOD website http://www.apod.com.au and click on the 3 horizontal lines

    ​Click on Login

    Use your email and password

    Click on BROWSE OFFERS

    Click on FUEL CARD or VIRTUAL CARD as required

    Please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call 1300 00 APOD (2763), if your have any more questions.

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