Campbell is a ‘man’ without a moral compass or any self-respect and a pathetic disgrace to Australia and our military!

Morrison is not far behind but has the excuse that we never expected any moral courage or leadership from him anyway.

Let Campbell ‘redeem’ himself by personally visiting the families of each of the living and the dead and demand they return their medals and unit citations.  No doubt he will lead the way by handing back his own …  My apologies, this is not the time or place for bad jokes.

What Campbell is doing is called ‘deflection’, the aim of which is to show fanatical enthusiasm to please your masters by condemning others to take the spotlight off yourself.  It’s been done before as by Australian of the Year ‘High Heels’ Morrison, so it has a record of success.

When Stalin wanted an innocent man shot for disagreeing with him Beria told his master “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.”  In this case no crime is necessary as Campbell says his decision to show his flawed character is ‘final’.  Let’s see about that as it will take just a few bad comments and press reports about ScuMo and his lack of leadership for Campbell to find himself ‘spending more time with his family’!

Guilty or innocent makes no difference in this approach.  What is important when sacrificing your soldiers is that your political masters recognise that you are absolving them.  What moral cowards claim the right to lead us and Australia!

My last visit to the Officer’s Mess might be if Campbell and I are both there at the same time …

How do we get his ‘after action report’ for his ICB?  The citation for his DSC simply says he was somewhere?

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Alistair Pope

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I have decided that
And that is FINAL!

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