I got this yesterday on my phone. Which was a bit disconcerting. I was a bit sus, due to the fact that it started off saying, I was an “existing” primary close contact….The word “existing” rang alarm bells because I certainly haven’t had any contact with DHS previously or had been notified of anything.

The worst part was I rang the numbers on the COVID website for information and to try and find out if the SMS was legitimate. 2 hours later and after being transferred and cut off numerous times I gave up.   At one stage I did talk to a chap, explained the circumstances of the SMS and asked if he could check my name and/or phone number to see if I am on any covid list.    He couldn’t do that because of privacy reasons…..can you believe that.

I would think it goes to random phone numbers.  So if you get one, treat it with caution.


Ian “NIKO” Nichols


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