WAR POET – Bill Charlton

After writing my 521 tributes to the fallen of the Viet Nam War I had to decide what to do with them – not wanting them to fall into obscurity I decided to place them on a facebook page where they would be easily accessible to family members, mates and future generations for posterity. Today I can say that all 521 soldiers etc have been acknowledged with a poem (some multiple times) on my War Poet – Bill Charlton page. To access a certain soldier simply click on the magnifying glass icon on the page and type in the soldier’s surname. I will continue to post my war/service poetry (previously written and present-day contributions so that they do not disappear into obscurity. Thank you all for your support over the years it is much appreciated and has been the driving force (along with my love for my fellow soldiers) for the continuance of my writing which you will have to put up till my presence is required on that big white parade ground in the sky (if that’s the direction I’m headed for). Cheers and thank you all again.
Bill Charlton.

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