I stand so ashamed at being an Australian citizen, having such a weak excuse as our Government representing myself and the many ex-servicemen, having to listen to such abominations as war crime investigations against our troops.

Perhaps, Government should consider an option or two, being that we either disband our military altogether, which would prevent good men to suffer the outrageous indignity and insult to their service or, send them all into theatres of war unarmed. As moronic as these options may sound, it fails to match the criminal cowardly backside covering of our members of Parliament. What an absolute disgrace.

It appears from the desks of the office-bound battle-hardened TV and film addicts, war should be fought in accordance with Queensbury rules.

A wonderful sentiment, but not a possibility outside of Hollywood.

Perhaps some of our most ardent objectors to the methods employed by those under actual fire should take a trip to the front line. Perhaps then, and only then, it may offer a very slim opportunity for the spineless bastards in Canberra, to gain some insight into the real problems faced under fire.

Outlawing the demonising of the enemy perhaps should be included in future training of our troops before the all too pure expectations of those that send them into theatres of war are outraged.

Unfortunately, our self-serving collection of the unworthy in Canberra, are usually only focused on their singular benefits, having to emerge from their comfort bubble, to distance themselves from the realities of their involvement and responsibilities in the creation of the death-dealing battlefield, they now seek to condemn.

Government is our enemy within, never our salvation.


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