VVF Newsletter – Christmas Reading

In the newsletter, there is an interesting story about Stan Hanuszewicz and his award as a tank operator. Stan served in my company, C Coy 1RAR, during our first 1RAR tour with 173D Airborne Brigade (Sep) during 1965-66. On our return, he transferred to the Armoured  Corps after we returned home in 1966.

As was the usual thing back in those days, blokes with what were considered unpronounceable or very difficult names usually picked up a nickname and Stan was well known around the company as “Ham Sanger” (sanger being an Aussie term for a sandwich).

For you blokes here from C Coy and are not members of the Victorian branch of the Federation this is a bit of info on Ham Sanger.

Click on the link below to read the VVF Branch Newsletter.


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