“Vietnam War: Coming South to Phuoc Tuy – by Land, Sea – and Air”

Hi fellow veterans,

As you are aware, during the Vietnam War, 1 ATF elements fought against both Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) troops – with 1 ATF’s principal engagements against North Vietnamese “formations/units” being at Long Tan in August 1966 – ie the D605 NVA Battalion was the third company of the 275th VC Regiment at that Battle; against elements of the 141st NVA Regiment and the 165th NVA Regiment at Coral/Balmoral in May 1968; and 1 ATF later fought against elements of the 33rd NVA Regiment at both the battles of Binh Ba (June 1969) and Nui Le (September 1971). Some of the soldiers and cadre in those NVA formations/units were born in the South – but had “regrouped” to the North and then – years later, returned to fight in the South.

D440 VC Battalion – which also fought against 1 ATF elements in Phuoc Tuy, was originally an NVA unit (arriving in Long Khanh Province in July 1967).

How did these NVA troops come south? I’ve penned a short five-page page Note titled: “Vietnam War: Coming South – by Land, Sea – and Air”, with maps and some photographs. If you would like a complimentary – ie free, copy then email me at [email protected]  and I’ll send you a PDF copy as an email attachment.

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