2023 marks 60 years since the arrival of the Australian Army Training team (AATTV) in South Vietnam (SVN) on the 3 August 1962 and 50 years since the withdrawal of combat troops in 1972. The Australian Government intends to mark the occasion with a Commemorative Service, televised nationally by the ABC on the 18 August 2023 from the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
(AVFNM) in Canberra. Many Vietnam Veterans and the NOK of those

KIA are too old or frail to attend this ceremony. Therefore, the VVV will provide surviving Vietnam Veterans and the Australian people the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way right across the nation and overseas in recognizing the national loss and paying their respects to those who were Killed in Action (KIA) and showing solidarity with their loved ones for their loss. It is intended to hold a Service of Remembrance at every grave or Commemorative plaque site across the nation and overseas on the 3 August 2023. The first being a Dawn Service Dawn Service, to be held at the AVFNM in Canberra. Other Services will be held at 1100 local time across Australia and in Malaysia. The last Service, at Dusk, will be held in Scotland, where LCPL Robert Buchan is laid to rest with his Mum and Dad. We are asking for VOLUNTEERS to co-ordinate each Commemorative Service. You can find more information at our website . On the website is a list of all those KIA, a map showing which towns across the nation they are commemorated in and detailed information on how you can help. There is even a suggested template for the prepared Commemorative Service and links to the sound recordings you may which to include. It is requested that every Grave visited be photographed by those in attendance. The photographs can then be downloaded to the Virtual War Memorial of Australia website. Full and easy instructions are provided.

This collated virtual Gallery of Remembrance will provide an enduring legacy of Remembrance for all Australians both now, and into the future, to reflect upon. Whilst the focus is to visit the graves of all 523 KIA, a secondary aim is to visit the graves of any other Vietnam Veterans, who have since their service in Vietnam, died and are buried in the same Cemetery. The Organising Committee members and Patrons were all members of the Australian Vietnam Forces Welcome Home Parade 1987 and the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial Committees.

Patrons The Hon. Graham Edwards AM – 7 RAR Colleen Thurgar (nee Mealy) AM – 8 Field Ambulance

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  • BARRY RISSEL AATTV February 23, 2023  

    It was 60 years last year that AATTV arrived in SVN! Nice thought but a bit late.

  • Terry Van-Heythuysen February 26, 2023  

    Same as the welcome home parade a lot of years to late A lot of men died and never attended the parade WELL DONE TO THE POLITICIANS

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