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Yesterday I posted the article “WORTHY OF OUR SUPPORT”. I have had quite a number of questions and concerns about my request that we support the VETERANS RETREAT. I am guilty of knowing a lot about the Veterans Retreat and wrongly assuming that everyone knew about the fabulous work that the founder Kylie James and her supporters do for veterans, former defence force personnel and emergency workers

Kylie James is a former soldier who has established a retreat in the Gympie Hinterland, at Hartwig Road, Mothar Mountain, QLD. She founded the Veterans Retreat to help veterans suffering from PTSD.

Former defence force personnel and emergency workers can stay for free and if they wish help on the farm that is home to a variety of farm animals, a gym, therapy salt pool and glamping accommodation.

When interviewed by Channel 7 Kylie said “I found that personally for myself sitting, relaxing with yourself, being in your own mind isn’t the best place for us to be. We really like to find purpose – something to do, something that is meaningful, something that is helpful.”

Kylie in conjunction with health professionals’ runs programs for those in need, she also takes in homeless veterans until they are back on their feet. She has provided accommodation on the property already, but the opportunity to purchase these Dongas will assist veterans greatly.

Her endeavours are “Worthy of our Support” if we all donated the cost of a cup of coffee, we’d be helping veterans, particularly our younger veterans. We didn’t have this type of support when we were young veterans.

Have a look at the Veteran Retreat website at

These are the Dongas she wishes to purchase, they will provide FREE accommodation and be available when programs are run for veterans.

Below is a typical layout in a Donga.

All donations over $2 are fully tax-deductible, please use your name as a reference and send us your email address for a receipt

Account name: Veterans Retreat Limited

BSB: 084 691 (NAB)

Account number: 29 121 8631

You can view the Channel 7 interview that was done back in January 2020 at


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