Veterans’ Legislation Reform Consultation Pathway.

Basis of Pathway for Consultation

On 16 February 2023, the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs announced the commencement of consultation on the legislation pathway that has been developed by the Government.

In developing the proposed Pathway, the Government has considered the recommendations made by the Productivity Commission referred to in Recommendation 1 of the Royal Commission’s Interim Report, and subsequent feedback.

The recommendations by the Productivity Commission included a proposal to move to two ongoing schemes, but this could create a range of new complexities in the veterans’ entitlements system.

The proposal is to move to a single ongoing veterans’ entitlement scheme. However, it is subject to the outcomes of these consultations and their consideration in the context of budgetary constraints.

Further information about why change is needed, and the proposal can be downloaded:


We have been asked by the TPI Federation to forward you this information. Please distribute it to your network of veterans, families, and friends if possible. It is vital that the Veterans views on this important issue are made known to the DVA Minister, DVA and the Royal Commissioners.

Included is a seven-question survey which you are encouraged to complete after you have read about the Veterans’ Legislation Reform Consultation Pathway.

The survey can be found here:


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