Veterans have every right to be cynical

ATTORNEY-GENERAL Mark Dreyfus valiantly endorses Labor’s Orwellian mantra of the Coalition’s “do nothing nine years in office,” accusing the now Opposition of cronyism in office.

Announcing the Administrative Appeals Tribunal would be disbanded and replaced, Dreyfuss declared last week, “By appointing 85 former Liberal MPs (and cronies) the former government fatally compromised the AAT, undermined its independence and eroded the quality and efficiency of its decision making.”

Dreyfuss’s solution is to sack the coalition’s cronies and replace them with Labor cronies with a new structure and name.

Veterans who have struggled with AAT reviews of their disability claims have a perfect expectation to be cynical.

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Veterans have every right to be cynical | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (

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  • Geoff Parker January 3, 2023  

    Spot on about the AAT. I tried for 10 years to get some satisfaction for a claim, first with DVA & then got fobbed off to try with the AAT. Had a mountain of paper work which I researched myself, not much help from the RSL. At the final AAT hearing about 4 years ago the four sitting tribunal members couldn’t show me the door quick enough & I walked away with zilch. Would bet a hundred dollars to one any new mob that Labor appoints will be equally as bad.

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