US Stryker Has ATTACKED Russian Troops in Ukraine

We can see the power of military technology on full display in Ukraine with the arrival of the 105-mm, self-propelled M1128 Stryker guns that the United States sent over in their latest aid package.

As soon as the Stryker was in the hands of the military, it immediately gained fame and recognition! It happened in the eastern portion of the country, in the Bakhmut region between the villages of Opytne and Ivangrad, where the enemy was trying to launch an offensive. Most of the allied troops at the time had abandoned their position in advance at the captain’s command. However, a small detachment stayed behind, including infantry, a large-caliber howitzer, and one M1128 vehicle.

To everyone’s surprise, the enemy suddenly went on the attack, but they didn’t know there was a Stryker.

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