US Is Testing Its New Gigantic $13 Billions Aircraft Carrier

The history of US aircraft carriers began over 100 years ago, in 1910. However, the first full-fledged tactical and operational aircraft carrier formations of the US Navy were formed before the outbreak of World War II. Now the American fleet has 11 aircraft carriers – 10 Nimitz class and one Gerald Ford class. Another giant was launched – the aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy, which is called the aircraft carrier of the 21st century. The USS John F. Kennedy is the second in a series of ten Gerald R. Ford-class ships. The new aircraft carriers will replace the Nimitz-class ships that have been in service since 1975. Aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy is the grandest and most expensive aircraft carrier in the history of mankind. At least $ 13 billion was spent on its creation. The final figure will be even higher. The service life of the ship should exceed 50 years.

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