US Gatling guns draw interest at Avalon Airshow.

By: Robert Dougherty

US defence company Dillon Aero has exhibited two Gatling weapons systems at the Avalon Airshow.

Dillon Aero showcased their 7.62mm and new 12.7mm Gatling guns at the airshow held in Melbourne on 1 March .

Each system can spin up to 1,500 rounds per minute and reach 600 round capacity for some applications. Each firearm has a programmable fire rate to suit different military purposes, according to Dillon Aero business development vice-president Randy Nance.

Gatling systems were used extensively by infantry and mounted gun emplacements on helicopters, patrol vessels, and vehicles during the Vietnam War.

The company has fielded more than 6,500 weapons systems in more than 35 counties, including operating the M134D and M134D-H standard models in US and allied services in 1989.

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