Urgent call to support Military Super Recipients

ED: You may not receive military superannuation, but you can help your mates who do by signing this petition … that’s what mates do!

All retired and current serving Vets and family members & friends should sign this ASAP …..

“My aim is for EVERYBODY on this distribution list to sign the attached “E Petition” as the government continues to downplay the contribution members of the Defence Force have and continue to provide, I plead for your support.

Anyone over 18 with an email address can support this petition, ask your family and friends, you will be surprised how many will support our servicemen/women and ex-servicemen/women. Remember not only the operational deployments but the ongoing aid to the civilian community. We are blessed to have such a competent and dedicated Defence Force and now is the time when you can show your appreciation.

The petition was submitted by Ken Stone and the details are at

https://www.aph.gov.au/e-petitions. I have studied the petition and signed the above attachment. The latest count of signatures shown on the website is 5120. Don’t put it off do it now.

I thank you in advance for your support, every signature can make a difference.





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