As a soldier who admires courage

I served in the right Army.

Remembering men who fought in earlier wars

And those alongside of me.


The epitome of valour.

Displayed time and again.

In every battle which we fought.

Our brave Australian men.


In places all around the world.

Gallipoli, Egypt, France.

These heroes fought for Liberty.

Prepared to take their chance.


They gave their lives in Belgium.

We look on them in awe.

Our young boys fought in New Guinea.

Where they died at our front door.


My words can’t do them justice.

They were the bravest of the brave.

It was total dedication

Which sent them to the grave.


Our flag has flown in many countries

Over battlefields of old

Korea, Malaysia, South Viet Nam

Saw more heroes join the fold.


The trend continued in recent wars

In Iraq and Afghanistan.

Where our soldiers fought with distinction

And were courageous to a man.


They make me proud to be Australian.

These service folk of ours.

We must honour them each Anzac Day

And lay tribute with our flowers.

Bill Charlton c 2022


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