It is two weeks since we left home and except for the first two days it has rained every day, we have had to change our travel plans because of the rain. At this stage we were to be down the south coast from Sydney at Batemans Bay, but to remain safe we have travelled away from the coast.

Yesterday we arrived in Bathurst after driving from Norah Head on the central coast through some of the heaviest rain I’ve seen since Vietnam and guess what, it was raining in Bathurst when we arrived.

We have maintained constant contact with home and our place and our children’s homes are all safe, unfortunately, some of our friends have lost everything ‘with water to their eves. My family are all out helping with the clean-up, our teenage grandkids have really dived in and worked really hard. It is difficult to imagine what it would be like to have only the clothes on your back. I sincerely hope that no-one on this network is greatly impacted by the floods, please if you have mates in the flood zones check on them.

I have experienced some difficulties with the internet at times but I will post whenever I can.

Stay safe.


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