Over the last four days, we have been camped on the banks of the mighty Murray River such peace and quiet… no phone, no internet, no power just total relaxation. We experienced 30ᶜ+ days, but with the river just in front of us, we survived very well.

We are slowly working our way along the Murray all the way to Mildura. We will be at times completely off air as we stay at many of the free camps along the river. I will use every opportunity to post as soon as I gain a good enough signal.

Once we get to Mildura, we will travel the short distance to Dareton where we’ll stay at the Raymon Deed Veteran’s Retreat for four to five days. Julie and I have stayed there previously and thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie.

When we leave Dareton we then turn North to Menindee Lakes provided the dirt road is open and safe to travel, something we’ll check first.

Cheers for now, Ray & Julie

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  • Keith Jarrett March 23, 2022  

    Ramon Deed Retreat RIP mate

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