Australian Government response to the

Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee report:

TPI Payment (Special Rate of Disability Pension)


Recommendation 1

2.87 The Committee recommends that the Australian Government consider an increase in the TPI Payment.

Government Response

The Government welcomes the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee’s report into the TPI Payment (Special Rate of Disability Pension) and commends the Committee for the thoroughness with which it has considered the complex issues raised in the course of the Inquiry.

The Government honours and respects the service of our TPI veterans whose wellbeing has been severely impacted by their service.

The Government notes with appreciation the comprehensive contributions of those organisations and individuals who made submissions to the Inquiry, and those who gave evidence to assist the Committee’s deliberations. These contributions provide the Government with valuable insight to the concerns of the ex-service community.

The Government notes the Committee’s recommendation that the Australian Government consider an increase in the TPI payment, and will take this recommendation together with the views of the ex-service community as presented to the Committee into account when considering future policy options for support to TPI veterans

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  • Rick Ryan October 8, 2021   Reply →

    The TPI Federation submission was doomed right from the start. Their submission had failed a number of tests at a number of Inquiries over the last number of years. The Senate Inquiry also did not accept the submission of an increase to the Special Rate, what they did say was that the Government should consider a MODEST increase to the Special Rate, however, did not back up this statement with any reason for an increase. The Morrison government has seen through the whole charade and given ZERO increase. What the government has acknowledged is the contributions by other organisations and individuals to the Inquiry. These submissions revolved around the Service Pension being considered Compensation as per the KPMG Study Report released in Nov 2019 and the Gold Card being issued to TPI Operational Service veterans whose partners were aged over 65 years plus. The Report indicates the government should look at these issues and I believe they will.
    A problem with the TPI Federation is that their National President still considers the Service Pension is Welfare and hence the TPI Federation has never supported the KPMG findings. Note here that TPI VIC and TPI WA, as well as a number of other major ESOs do support the KPMG Study findings and the Gold Card matter. Be interesting to see if now that the TPI Federation submission has failed again, whether or not the Federation will support the KPMG findings and the Gold Card issues and jump on board with other organisations. Do not hold your breath.

  • Bob Long October 8, 2021   Reply →

    In other words, take a number and we we get back to you (possibly)

  • Neil Arnott October 8, 2021   Reply →

    So in other words nothing will ever happen.

  • Charles October 9, 2021   Reply →

    A something nothing recommendation, thank you but no thank you. Shafted comes to mind. If I was my Local Member I’d be watching the Ballot Box

  • Barry Kirby October 16, 2021   Reply →

    Since the 2019 KPMG study was released and ignored I have quietly examined federal political parties/individuals for endorsements in the next election.

  • Gerry Bailey December 2, 2021   Reply →

    What this Government really needs is to be sacked!!! We as Veterans should be getting support from our family, friends and members of the Public to put Pressure on our Local Members to support TPI IMMEDIATELY FOR AN INCREASE IN OUR INCOMES OR WE VOTE AGAINST THEM !!??

  • Bob Richards December 14, 2021   Reply →

    More bs followed by rubbish from some ESOs who have never supported the TPIs especially in my opinion the DFWA

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