Just a few days after the TPI Federation President’s outright lie to the Royal Commissioners’ at her appearance on 3rd December 2021 (refer below), where the TPI Federation President had conveniently forgotten that TPI Victoria had resigned from the TPI Federation in 2020, in part, due to previous lies, what does the TPI Federation President do, she goes and approaches a number of Social Centres of TPI Victoria Inc. in an effort to coerce them to become the TPI Federation representatives in Victoria. Of course, these Social Centres told the TPI Federation President politely, where she could go with her proposal.

What a hide has this TPI Federation President, again running amok and no doubt again without any approval from the TPI Federation Directors as to what she was up to.  All this has done for the President, Management Committee and membership of TPI Victoria is to reinforce that they made the right decision in withdrawing from this debacle of a TPI Federation under its current leadership and management. The fact still remains that the TPI Federation President lied to the Royal Commissioners on 3rd December.

MS McCABE:  That’s correct.  The TPI Federation has associations in each state and the ACT.  Some states are big enough ‑‑ for example, WA and New South Wales ‑‑ to have some paid staff, but the vast majority are all volunteers.  It is based on membership fees for providing the services that we do.

When will the Federation Directors rein in this TPI Federation President who is destroying the brand name of the TPI Federation and ensuring that TPIs no longer want to be part of this TPI Federation that is a total mess and still being run by an illegal Constitution.  Do not hold your breath, they have done nothing in the past and no doubt will do nothing in the future.

Take care and persevere,

Rick Ryan Maj (Rtd)

Life Subscriber

TPI Association WA Branch

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  • Arthur Ventham RFD MBA CD AFAIM December 20, 2021  

    I was a TPI Member here in WA but because of the constant in-fighting, name calling and ongoing abuse that I encountered within the State and National Branches I cancelled my Membership to the Association.

    As a CEO of a not-for-profit ESO for over 10 years here in WA I am appalled at how the TPI Federation operates with little regard to the wishes of its Members. I have seen some of the proposed amendments to the TPI Constitution and they are illegal, certainly here in WA at least. The President and/or CEO cannot (and must not) put themselves above the wishes of the Members of the Association and to do so by way of amending the Constitution is not only illegal it is downright fraud.

    As Members, you have a right to call for a Special Meeting to show the Federation Executrives that you disagree with the way it operates and to propose a “No Confidence Motion” in the Executive and if this is cafrried by two thirds of the Membership then the Members can dismiss the President etc. and appoint a new Executive Team.

  • Andrew Gizycki December 20, 2021  

    Hi Arthur,
    Fully agree with your comments, unfortunately majority of the current Directors cannot see this and/or are to lazy to step up call out this utter garbage. As a former Qld Director, we called out this behaviour and lack of integrity, others where not interested. Numerous Qld Directors tried without little or no results, best for us as individuals was to resign and not have our names blemished or involved. Qld and the Federation lost a lot of experience and great ex defence personnel in the last 18 months, since moving on, there has been no change.

  • bill williams December 20, 2021  

    Bill Williams TPI Victoria an ex TPI Federation Director.
    TPI Victoria resigned from the TPI Federation because of lies and misleading statements made to the Prime Minister ,and the lies and misleading statements made to a Senate FADT inquiry into Veterans suicide in Perth in 2017.
    So it came as no surprise that the Federation’s President had once again lied to a Government inquiry this time, believe it or not a RC into Veterans suicide.
    The Federation President also considers there is no difference between Peacetime Training and Operational War Service.

  • Michael Naughton December 20, 2021  

    It seems that the TPI Federation President Ms Pat McCabe is at loggerheads with State branches of the TPI Association.
    The substance of Major Rick Ryan’s concern is a statement made or not made by the President of TPI Federation concerning the Victorian Branch of the TPI Association’s resignation from the Federation.
    As I understand it, all members of the ADF are deemed to be Veterans whether on not they are called to perform Active Service.
    Surely, there is no argument that a member of the ADF may be made TPI as a result of injury or illness contracted during military training at home or on Active Service abroad.
    Military training can be onerous and involve dangerous activities. Active Service is always dangerous.
    A divided front by the TPI Federation and State Associations might diminish the force of argument for improved services or pensions.

  • Bob Johnson December 20, 2021  

    Why is this person still running the TPI Federation with all the lies and inuendo that are being expressed,get rid of her immediately for the sake of all TPI’s

  • bill williams December 21, 2021  

    Hello Michael,
    Rick Ryan and myself have written a joint statement to the Royal Commission on Veterans Suicides regarding the evidence given to the Royal Commission by the TPI Federation President on the 3rd December 2021, the statement published on Ray Payne site is just one concern we had with the evidence.
    I agree TPI should be for all injuries received in service, but I don’t agree injured in a Domestic vehicle accident off duty should be awarded the TPI disability payment.

  • Rick Ryan December 21, 2021  

    G’day Michael Naughton. You may wish to read the transcript from the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicides at this link:
    The evidence and statements given by the TPI Federation President should be an real eye opener for you. I also agree with the comments of Bill Williams about Veterans. A two shooting gallery is a lot different than a peacetime vehicle accident. One problem caused was when they changed the VEA Act 1986 to allow non-operational servicemen to get the TPI. That aside, the TPI Federation is being controlled by an autocratic person who does not have the best interests of all TPIs at heart.

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