• R Spragg March 23, 2023  

    This sounds like it is the similiar to what happened to soldiers when they returned from Vietnam. Now the government is doing what they consider their best to man there billion dollar subs. WHY would anyone join the ADF when all everyone can see is that these guys do their best as they have been trained to do and then they get shafter. This is a joke but unfortunately a very very bad joke. As an ex vietnam vet I FEEL FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. If I WAS A RELIGIOUS PERSON I would say GOD BLESS YOU but seeing as how I am an atheist I WLL SAY I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR BOTH YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY.!!!!!

  • Robinoz March 24, 2023  

    There was no need for police to arrest this brave soldier, they could have proceeded by complaint and summons which would have been much more decent for a person who has, like many others, put his life on the line for the rest of us.

    It’s not as though he would have taken to flight to avoid fronting court.

    My thoughts are with him and his family for a good outcome.

  • Alan Foyle March 24, 2023  

    So true re the arrest, which should be considered as the LAST RESORT! Is identity a problem? No! Address a problem? No! Flight risk? Hand over your passport, so No! At least give the Accused the option of attending a location at a specific time and date. Big PR stunt by the plastic AFP who are always after pixie points with the media and I comment from inside knowledge on that aspect. I hope the Accused is receiving the support he deserves. All the Diggers who went through the Sand Pit have my admiration and total support. As for their superiors (in rank only), they can kiss my ass! I no longer buy Campbell soup!

  • Kenneth Taylor March 24, 2023  

    I have the same feeling I had when returning from Vietnam, that some jumped up Little Pipsqueak with an altar Ego just wants to make a noise and been seen by his group of drongos as a big Pipsqueak. One can only hope that the Hierarchy is called into the case to answer a few questions on their administration of the Forcers during this period of time.

    Apart from that, all I can say is May God be on your side and protect you and your family from the actions of the Pipsqueaks.

  • Rick williams March 25, 2023  

    None service people only do what they do because us veterans were prepared to do what we did. The day they understand what being a war veteran is like , God help us all

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