• Michael Naughton October 16, 2022  

    The right place to exhibit the early settlement and the colonisation of Australia is in a museum (one that already exists or in one specially constructed for the purpose). This should include what is known about the tribal wars and the manner in which they were conducted,
    I cannot believe that Brendon Nelson promoted this idea and now we see a procession of people including the Minister getting on the bandwagon.
    It is an insult to recored the history of the building of the Nation at the AWM.

  • Terry Bennett. October 16, 2022  

    My comment is this. Our War Memorial and Museum in Canberra is just that. We honour our men and women
    who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom which is enjoyed today. But we have idiots who are dishonoring
    our defence people. We are all Australians whether we are the first Australians, the white Australian, the Refugee
    Australian, or the Immigrant, which makes this country great and well respected in the world. I honor one flag only
    the Australian National Flag and no other. I served our great country as a CMF Volunteer in Vietnam for the whole
    of 1968 as a WO.2 and when I came home I was treated the same as the Militia in WW.2 when they came home.
    I am proud of my 36 years service as a Reservist/ CMF member. We have Nelson, who I believe should not be
    given time media time, be sent out of our great country for his not Australian and I don’t want him trying to ruin

  • Vic Jakowenko October 17, 2022  

    If it doesnt concern them, keep your shitty noses out.
    The War Memorial is what it is -to honour those that perished fighting for this country and one flag.
    I was in Vietnam in 67/68 with A Coy. 7RAR – there was none of this woke crap that is bandied about by
    those who have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this great country.

  • Gary Burgess October 17, 2022  

    Another stupid bloody proposal from the woke fools. I personally think this is a load of bullshit, as is most everything these days connected to the ones pushing this agenda. I see above Michael mentioned tribal wars, that would be spot on, the emphasis being on “TRIBAL” as most of the so called wars were between different tribes of Aboriginals.
    Change the name, why not the Australian Military War Memorial, any other ideas flood them with your thoughts.

  • Barry Rissel October 17, 2022  

    The RSL should contact all our living past and present officers of general rank and have them as a body put to the Federal Government a petition outlawing any variation from the Australian War Memorial’s current use. The proposal to include aboriginal tribal wars within these hallowed grounds is nothing short of disgusting and one I never thought I would live to see the day of it occurring,

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