Then and Now Tour Nui Dat

Then and Now Tour Nui Dat Australian Vietnam Base Long Tan Horseshoe – 20 minutes

Then and Now Study of the Australian Vietnam base of Nui Dat. Nui Dat was the operational base for 1 ATF from 1966 to 1971. In this video, we compare old maps, and photos, to current maps and remnants of The Dat. An Australian motocycle tour from Vung Tau.


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  • Colin Rayfield April 22, 2022   Reply →

    What is going on with DVA and their sudden change of wordage in correspondence relating to change of ‘disability payment’ – to now read ‘DISABILITY COMPENSATION PAYMENT’ ??
    AND an AGGRESSIVE urging by RSL ‘welfare officer’/ President to ‘co-operate’ (or else) !??

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