The war left the Russian Federation without workers

The war left the Russian Federation without workers: the industry faced a record shortage of personnel in 30 years

Mass mobilization, within the framework of more than 300 thousand people, were thrown into the war with Ukraine, and hundreds of thousands more emigrated, leaving factories and plants throughout the Russian Federation without workers.

The shortage of personnel in industry in October reached its maximum values ​​in the entire history of observations (since 1993), showing a study by the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (Kommersant publishes its findings).

The indicator of “sufficiency of personnel”, which is calculated on the basis of a survey of top managers and owners of industrial enterprises, collapsed to minus 30% last month. The number of those who do not have enough working hands exceeded the share of those who have everything in order with the personnel.

In some industries, the survey recorded a full-fledged personnel collapse: the labor sufficiency index in light industry fell to minus 70%, in engineering – to minus 35%, in the food industry – to minus 25%.

This creates problems for industrialists, half of whom (48%) complain about the inability to increase production. Every fifth company (22%) is forced to reduce production volumes due to staff shortages. One in three (33%) warns that product quality may deteriorate.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Economic Development, only during the week of mobilization – in September – the number of labor force in the economy over the age of 15 decreased by 600,000 people. And this is just the beginning: in the worst-case scenario, the economy could lose up to 1.4% of its workforce, which is more than a million people, estimates Dmitry Polevoy, investment director at Loko-Invest.

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