The SLR is due to return to the British Army!!!

For about 36 years the famous Self Loading Rifle has been out of circulation,  now it is due to return to service for British Army Troops.

The SLR-A2, a 7.62mm weapon, will feature a fully modernised rail system and extended 30-round magazine.

This change comes after years of continuous failings of the Army’s current weapon system, the SA80, which was found to be much less powerful.

“We had a major issue with stopping power with the SA80” said Lt Gen Ian Wallace, Deputy Director of Defense Armaments, “The weapons system was simply not powerful enough to put down the enemy. With the new SLR-A2, you can guarantee that it will not fail with that task.”

There is currently no date announced for its integration, the news of the SLR’s return has been met with strong approval by both serving soldiers and veterans alike.

“It’s good to have a real man’s weapon back in the army” said Gary Lavelle, 64, a veteran of the Light Infantry.

I’m sure most Australian soldiers would like to see the return of the 7.62 SLR.

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