The SLR is due to return to the British Army!!!

For about 36 years the famous Self Loading Rifle has been out of circulation,  now it is due to return to service for British Army Troops.

The SLR-A2, a 7.62mm weapon, will feature a fully modernised rail system and extended 30-round magazine.

This change comes after years of continuous failings of the Army’s current weapon system, the SA80, which was found to be much less powerful.

“We had a major issue with stopping power with the SA80” said Lt Gen Ian Wallace, Deputy Director of Defense Armaments, “The weapons system was simply not powerful enough to put down the enemy. With the new SLR-A2, you can guarantee that it will not fail with that task.”

There is currently no date announced for its integration, the news of the SLR’s return has been met with strong approval by both serving soldiers and veterans alike.

“It’s good to have a real man’s weapon back in the army” said Gary Lavelle, 64, a veteran of the Light Infantry.

I’m sure most Australian soldiers would like to see the return of the 7.62 SLR.

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  • Stephen Gunthorpe September 28, 2021   Reply →

    No such thing as a free lunch, Following the US Army’s march into Germany in 45 the men had to progress through mud and slush in freezing conditions 50 percent incapacaty rate, this sounded the death knell of the 30/06 and the Garand rifle. enter the 7.62 Nato and the M1A a highly modified Garand
    It did not see use for long before being replaced by the 223. from the beginning of the Vietnam era they had killing issues with the 5.56 and it was not until the adoption of the SS 109 projectile and different faster twist rates that the 5.56 became an acceptable alternative
    whilst I personally would like to see the return of a 30 calibre battle field experience has shown the 7.62 to be heavy , more weight less ammo. the AK round is close to the mark with a slightly larger case a well designed projectile a with a weight of about 140 grains with a velocity of say 2500 FPS. Frankly I think the SLR a wonderful rifle has had its day.A rifle with a rotary bolt that locks in the barrel 9 similar to a Browning BLR and a throwaway aluminium receiver would be a great start to a great battlefield rifle. keep it light you blokes that make the decisions do not have to carry the bloody thing along with 300 rounds of 7.62

  • John Stevens October 27, 2021   Reply →

    The mighty SLR was the standard issue when i was a serving soldier with the British Army in the early 1970’s, it was a fantastic weapon,one shot one kill.Yes the 7.62 round was a heavy round but rather have that than the later 5.56 round which was lighter but had less stopping power,so in reality you could use more rounds using that type. So i am pleased that our armed forces will be getting a weapon that is more than capable than the SA 80 in doing the job it was intended for.

  • Steve E. February 22, 2022   Reply →

    I am a veteran, news that British Army bringing the SLR back is awesome. When i served news the rifle was being replaced by a pointless weaker calibre was sad news, i used the SA80 and newer so called improved SA80, never liked or thought much of it. So at last those who think they run our armed forces…finally you actually see sense.

  • Ashley Smith November 18, 2022   Reply →

    I used both the SLR and the first version of SA80. SLR has the stopping power that the SA80 just doesn’t have. The major argument for the SLR is you can put effective killing fire 1000 meters plus, SA80 you need to close in 600/700 meters. I didn’t serve in Afghanistan but I’m sure the Taliban could engage English troops with effective fire 900/800 meters. I think this is the bigger issue. Just using the iron sights of the SLR I could put a round dead centre of a fig 11 target at 1000 meters. I would vote for the SLR over the SA80 in a heartbeat, stopping power and effective fire range, I would rather have the extra rate of ammo & weapon and know I got a weapon I can count on to get the job done.

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