The Real Truth – TPI Federation General Release of 6th March 2022

Dear subscribers, I have been asked to share the following information. As you are no doubt aware I am currently travelling and operating under very restricted conditions, you will note that the writers have stated that their response comments are in RED, I currently don’t have the ability to post their comments that are in RED. If you contact either of the writers they will forward details and attachments.  Regards Ray


ACNC CASE NUMBER 8-99674-W2B2Q0 ABN 61008591704

ACNC Case File Number is ABN 61008591704  CAS -992039-N3BOD2  

G’day all,

In another attempt to deflect the range of concerns in relation to the current status of the TPI Federation on the 6th March 2022 the TPI Federation President released the attached missive purported to also have the support of the Federation Board. Once again the TPI Federation President, a compulsive liar, who is careless with the truth, releases a message to all TPIs which begs disbelief after all the facts and evidence that has been presented by the so-called “disgruntled 4” TPIs.  I would refer to it as a “Badge of Honour: given that those of us that have brought to the attention of fellow TPIS, politicians, government and governing bodies as to just how dysfunctional the TPI Federation is in its current state.  For clarity, two of those disgruntled TPIs are former Directors of the TPI Federation who saw the many problems within the organisation but were unable to make any changes whilst Directors due to the complicity of other Directors in the mismanagement of the Federation. One such Director from TPI Victoria, which has withdrawn from the TPI Federation and one Director from TPI QLD who was shown the door because of asking too many questions about the poor functioning of the TPI Federation. TPI QLD, it should be remembered fell only one vote short of leaving the TPI Federation. Another is the coordinator of the Disabled Veterans Network of Australia (DVAN) TPI WA and the other, a TPI WA who has been involved in veteran issues for 50 years. Those Directors of the TPI Federation who supported the release of this document if happen to be from TPI QLD or TPI WA should immediately resign their position because they have been kept fully aware of these matters and not taken any action.  It is not only these 4 TPIs that have concerns about the TPI Federation, there are TPIs right across the country that has had their concerns, so much so, that a number have called for the TPI Federation President to resign. Read further on and make up your mind on just who is telling the truth.


This latest attempt by the TPI Federation President and no doubt some Directors have done nothing to stop our resolve to the TPI Federation being brought to account.  While the TPI Federation President mentioned our many emails to ACNC and the Royal Commissioners into Defence and Veteran Suicide, she did not state that they are in the process of investigation the TPI Federation because of the lies, unsubstantiated comments etc coming from the TPI Federation President over a number of years all supported by facts and evidence provided to them.  Indeed, we have been asked on a number of occasions to provide more data to both these bodies. The TPI Federation President, when asked to provide evidence by a Director, to back up her ludicrous statements at the Royal Commission on 3rd Dec 2021, in the recent 3 hour Zoom Congress Meeting on 16th February, she could not do so.

We are also happy that the TPI Federation President has mentioned the fully revised TPI Federation Constitution amended in Sep 2020 and again with a minor change in Mar 2021, because the full membership of the TPI Federation was not even aware or maybe still are not aware, that the Constitution had been changed,  nor were many of the Directors who had never even received the drafts of the 2020 changes.  We have it in writing that the Federation Vice President stated the Constitution was illegal and the TPI WA membership at a General Meeting were told the same thing by a Director who stated they would have to revert to the Mar 2015 Constitution.  We suggest that the TPI membership look at the revised Constitution on the ACNC site and compare the changes to the March 2015 version of the Constitution.  The TPI Federation President has now become a Director. How many of you, the membership knew of this? This along with many other illegal changes now has the TPI Federation operating under an illegal Constitution that now contains illegal substance, ambiguities, inconsistencies and contrary to good Governance.  ACNC are also investigating this matter along with other matters. There will be further comment in the attached Response.

We also disclaim, that we have ever approached the Australian Federal Police and ask the TPI Federation President to provide proof and evidence of this claim.  Maybe the AFP are looking at the TPI Federation, but it did not come from us. We also deny that any approach was made to the Governor General for the removal of the OAM awarded to the TPI Federation President.  It was alluded to in an email, that because of the behaviour of the TPI Federation President in demonstrating her ability to lie to the PM, Royal Commissioners, membership etc on a number of issues should see the Governor General looking at the removal of the award due to these actions and lack of  good character. Not the first time an award has been removed from an individual for these reasons.

The TPI Federation President also makes this claim, “Disappointingly, instead of trying to engage respectfully, none of these individuals or entities has ever requested any type of additional information or clarification from the TPI Federation about the issues raised,” A total lie. Requests for evidence, eg. proof of her ludicrous statements at the Royal Commission hearing of the 3rd December 2021, request for Minutes of Congress Meetings etc have been met with silence or non-production of evidence, minutes etc.  If the TPI Federation President thinks that those of us that have been pursuing a number of matters have not kept correspondence or emails on these requests, then she is sadly mistaken.


Taking from the TPI Federation Release as shown below:

Recently, a TPI asked the following question –

“If the current levels of mistrust continue then the TPI Association

{Federation] will cease to exist as a national body and will possibly

disintegrate into autonomous State Associations. I, like some others,

sense a growing dissatisfaction with our national representation.”



We now ask you to look at the response below,  The Real Truth – TPI Federation General Release 6 Mar 2022 document with our comments in ‘red’ and with reference to a number of attachments. If you need copies of the attachments referred to please contact Rick Ryan on email: [email protected] or Bill Williams on email: [email protected]




The Australian Federation of Totally and Permanently Incapacitated Ex-Servicemen & Women Ltd (Incorporated in the ACT)


“              “Disabled in our Service, United in our Cause”

For the information of all TPIs and fellow Veterans and Families


Recently the TPI Federation has been maligned via email and social media. The TPI Federation archived many hundreds, if not a thousand emails from essentially four (4) disgruntled TPIs over the past 3-years, In the main, they are not happy with the current organisation. These emails malign individuals including the TPI Federation Board and politicians who have supported the TPI Federation over time. These indiscriminate, toxic emails have been sent to other addressees also, such as, but not limited to; –

  • The Commissioners of the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide – many times;

Contact with the RC was made after the lies, unsubstantiated comments made by the TPI Federation President to the RC on 3rd December 2021. TPIs should view the commentary from Attachment 5 of  this email. The RC is currently investigating the TPI Federation President and her comments.

  • ACNC – many times;

ACNC has been contacted by not only the 4 mentioned TPIs but also a number of other TPIs in relation to the illegal Constitution, non production of Federation Congress Minutes, lack of inclusion of the full membership, expenditure of funds etc.  ACNC are currently investigating the TPI Federation.

  • Governor General – for the removal the OAM awarded to the TPI Federation President prior to her election to the position of President of the TPI Federation in September 2015;


Another lie, please produce evidence of same.  More detail shown below.

  • Prime Minister;

Mainly in relation to the lies told to the PM about 5,000 TPIs being in dire straits due to the catastrophic bushfires of 2020 when only 48 veterans had contacted DVA offices. DVA could not give just how many were TPI status.  Documentation available to substantiate this.

  • DVA Minister & Opposition Minister – including a request that the TPI Federation be deregistered;


Correct. Based on a number of concerns which were passed to them over a period of time all backed up with facts and the evidence.

  • The Senators on the Senate Inquiry into the TPI Compensation Payment;

Correct.  Because the TPI Federation President had chosen to ignore the findings of the KPMG Study as released in Nov 2019 and which the TPI Federation President chose to ignore because KPMG stated that the Service Pension was Compensation and not Welfare.  The TPI Federation President still maintains the Service Pension is Compensation and has ignored all operational service veterans the right to the full Service Pension by not pursuing their cause and KPMG findings through DVA.

  • The Honours & Awards Tribunal on the ‘Recognition for members and families of members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) who are injured, wounded or killed in or as a result of service’;

Correct. Because the TPI Federation never consulted the full membership of TPIs to ascertain their views.  Instead a Director from NSW made a submission on behalf of the TPI Federation. When copies were requested, TPIs were ignored. After contacting the Tribunal with our concerns, the TPI Federation withdrew their submission and the Director made it a personal submission.

  • Many, if not all, politicians – (in June 2021 the TPI Federation issued a public apology to the denigrated Senators and DVA Staff who had been maligned by these same authors);

Correct. A stupid mistake by the TPI Federation President when these people had been passed information all backed with evidence of the claims.  There are still a large number of politicians on our list that want to be kept up to speed on the state of the TPI Federation.  The PM of Australia will not even meet with the TPI Federation President due to the bushfire letter of 2020.  Other politicians do not want to have anything to do with the TPI Federation.

  • DVA and many of its staff;

Correct.  DVA have been approached a number of times to ascertain statistics that we mention are correct and not made up.  Concerns have also been put forward to the Secretariat of ESORT run by DVA.

  • Australian Federal Police; and

Incorrect.  Refer to opening statement on the email.

  • Regrettably, many Veterans and their families.

Correct. Only to make them aware of our concerns that have an effect on their welfare and compensation payments.  Many of our operational service TPIs (the majority of TPIs) have made contact with us to verify information or comment about what has been written.  Not one veteran has given us negative remarks apart from a tiny number who regularly comment on the TPI Federation Facebook page.

Disappointingly, instead of trying to engage respectfully, none of these individuals or entities have ever requested any type of additional information or clarification from the TPI Federation about the issues raised, other than for the Senate Inquiry into the TPI Compensation Payment which was required in accordance with the Senate’s legal arrangements. The TPI Federation provided a response to the Senate enquiry, in which the Senate found no cause, and no further correspondence was received on this.

Again, a lie about ever requesting additional information or evidence. Refer to opening statement email. Not sure what the reference is to the Senate Inquiry into the TPI Compensation Payment relates to.  There was a FADT Senate Inquiry into Suicide in 2017 where the TPI Federation President lied to Senators. There was the Senate Inquiry in the Special Rate in 2021.  Maybe the TPI Federation can produce the correspondence referred to.

In all of these emails (approximately 2.5gb), none of the TPI issues outlined by the email authors included constructive suggestions/comments. Yet, these email authors continue to transmit offensive emails and Facebook posts incessantly, whereby they continue to slander individuals regularly while falsely alleging perceived indiscretions and inaccuracies.

Incorrect. There have been many suggestions and comments that the TPI Federation should take heed of their responsibilities to the full membership, remove the illegal Constitution, review it but with the full membership involved, provide timely Minutes to the full membership for those Congress Meetings that the members never have a chance to have input and the list goes on.  All suggestions and comments have been ignored by the TPI Federation.

Recently, a TPI asked the following question –

“If the current levels of mistrust continues then the TPI Association

{Federation] will cease to exist as a national body and will possibly disintegrate into autonomous State Associations. I, like some others, sense a growing dissatisfaction with our national representation.”

The above is more a comment than a question and most likely made because of just what the TPI membership is aware of in relation to the TPI Federation in its current dysfunctional state.

This question, and similar, deserves a formal response addressed to all TPI/SR Veterans and it is hoped that this report answers such questions for you.


For the past three (3) years, the TPI Federation President, the TPI Federation Executive and Directors have been attacked relentlessly, individually and very personally, both on social media and a large array of emails, primarily by four (4) disgruntled TPI Veterans.

It is regrettable that this has attempted to unsettle and destabilise the TPI Federation and the community it supports. The TPI Federation Board are presenting this report to help answer and alleviate concerns on some of the scurrilous material that has been circulated maliciously via emails and Facebook.



Firstly, the TPI Federation President and Directors that signed off on this correspondence are trying to convince TPIs that the vote was unanimous.  Fact is, it was a majority vote as one State Branch would not agree to the letter being sent and  another State Branch would not agree unless changes were made.  Another lie from the TPI Federation trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the membership.  For those States that were against such correspondence, such as this, we commend them for making a stand. What it does show is that the TPI Federation is not what it is making out to be a functional organization, it is a mess.


All correspondence and emails have been questioning the actions of the TPI Federation President, Secretary and Directors and always backed up with credible evidence as to which has been written. The choice of words above are those of the TPI Federation President and Directors who are attempting to pervert the truth and convince fellow TPIs that everything we have done has no basis of fact. Our emails that have been sent to all other interested parties including TPIs has not resulted in complaint from any of the parties concerned.  The only complaints we get are those from the TPI Federation in the form of missives such as this.  Indeed, we have been acknowledged for bringing attention to the issues raised, so much so, that the TPI Federation is under investigation by a number of concerned bodies.


Items of Concern

Firstly, it is important to state at the outset that eligibility for Membership of the TPI Federation is for the individual State and Territory TPI Associations. Throughout its long history the TPI Federation has been, and continues to be, made up of member States and Territory TPI Associations. It is not an individual TPI/SR Veteran who is a member of the TPI Federation, but rather the State and Territory TPI Associations that represent the individual TPI/SR Veteran member and their family.


The TPI Federation President refers to the long history of the TPI Federation.  What the TPI Federation President does not say is that the TPI Federation has only been in existence since 1979, whereas, State Associations, such as, TPI Victoria and others have been around for nearly 100 years.  Careless use of facts again by the Federation President. The fact is that the TPI Federation in its current state is a complete shambles and State Branches would be better off running their own Branches as they did prior to the formation of the Federation. This is why, TPI VIC resigned from the Federation. The TPI Federation is a lesson that should be learnt and learnt well, you have some Directors that have been in the chair for nearly 20 years, who now believe that are above reproach and do not have to answer to the membership. In others words it has become a Club for some 15 TPIs, with the total TPI membership being ignored.


In the response to those items of concerns, the TPI Federation President refers to the TPI Federation being for the State/Territory Branches and not the individual TPI/SR. This is totally wrong and an outright lie. Under ACNC Regulations and Governance Rules, the TPI Federation is responsible to the full membership, in particular, when it comes to Constitutional changes, the full membership has to be involved. This includes policy matters etc.  This is why financial members pay capitation fees to the TPI Federation.  No wonder the TPI Federation is dysfunctional when the Directors and the TPI Federation President have no understanding of  their responsibilities and no wonder ACNC are investigating. On a number of occasions we have advised the TPI Federation President and Directors to take note of ACNC Regulations and Governance Rules but they are either inept or just totally ignorant of their full responsibilities.




Here we address some of this material, in no particular order, for your consideration. This is, to state the facts for all concerned: –

  • In a letter dated 14th August 2020, TPI Victoria Inc advised that they would resign their Membership of the TPI Federation with effect from the 4th August 2020. This came about as a result of the TPI Victoria Inc’s dispute over their TPI Federation Constitutional obligations to remit capitation fees for the years 2016-19, that had not been resolved at the time of their resignation.
  • At no time did the TPI Federation ‘ask’ TPI Victoria Inc to ‘leave’ the Federation. The TPI Federation Constitution does not allow for this to occur. The Federation continued to engage TPI Victoria Inc Association with discussions on the issue of their membership until the matter was resolved. This never eventuated because they resigned.
  • Once again the TPI Federation President Ms Pat McCabe OAM has lied and mislead the readers, by stating TPI Victoria and the Victorian Federation Directors were not removed from the TPI Federation. (See attached TPI Victoria CHINUP report July 2020).
  • On the 9th May 2020 the Federal Directors from NSW moved a motion that the TPI Victoria Membership of the TPI Federation be removed as a member of the TPI Federation of Australia, this illegal motion was carried.
  • The Queensland Federation Director’s resigned from the TPI Federation when this illegal decision was taken, a WA Director expressed concerns with this illegal and corrupt decision.
  • On the 15th May 2020 TPI Victoria and ththe Federal Directors from Victoria were illegally removed from ACNC by the TPI Federation President without any discussion or consultation with TPI Victoria or the Victorian Director’s.
  • David Ward TPI Federation Solicitor Legal Opinion
  • On the 16th May 2020 the Victorian Director’s wrote to the TPI President expressing our concerns that the removal of TPI Victoria Inc. from the TPI Federation and the removal of the TPI Victorian Director’s were both illegal according to the TPI Federation constitution.
  • Mr David Ward, Solicitor advised the TPI Federation on the 18th May 2020, that her action were illegal according to the TPI Federation Constitution, TPI Victoria was reinstated to the TPI Federation membership and the Federal Director’s from Victoria resumed their role with ACNC as responsible officers.
  • This incompetent, erratic, and costly action lead by the Federation President and the TPI NSW Federal Director’s tells you a lot about the lack of knowledge these long serving(15-22 years) Director’s know about the TPI Federation Constitution and Company law, basically clueless, and also confirming to everyone that they are not suited to be a Director’s of any Company or registered Charity.
  • On the 1st August 2020 NOTICE OF A SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING was called by the incompetent Federation President notifying TPI Victoria that they were to be suspended from the TPI Federation for 12 months, and Bill Williams be removed as a TPI Federation Director for life.
  • On the 4th August 2020 TPI Victoria resigned from the TPI Federation of Australia, because TPI Victoria had no faith or confidence in the TPI President Ms Pat McCabe OAM, and the Director’s to act with Competence, Honesty and Credibility, and give TPI Victoria and Mr Williams a fair and unbiased hearing.
  • The TPI Federation Directors are elected by the individual State/Territory Associations to represent them at the national level.

Correct for once but only after the full membership of each State/Territory has had input as to what proposals those Directors are going to put forward to the TPI Federation with the membership consent.  It is not up to the Directors alone to formulate policy or their own agenda without any input from the membership.  This is where the TPI Federation has got it wrong in the years since Blue Ryan was President.

  • The current configuration of the TPI Federation, with its Member State and Territory an Directors, is not a dysfunctional group of ‘old Veterans’. The TPI Federation includes a mix of Directors who have served in the ADF in both Operational and non-Operational areas, ranging from the Vietnam era to the present day. Regardless of the type of Service rendered, TPI Federation Directors work hard for ALL TPI/SR Veterans and their families, and are all proud to do so.

There in lies a major problem within the TPI Federation.  These Directors, President have been in their positions for far too long.  They are not providing the full membership with due diligence for all TPIs as claimed above. Indeed, the TPI Federation President on her own bat claimed that the Service Pension is Welfare and not Compensation as found to be by the KPMG Study findings report of November 2019. The TPI Federation President made a unilateral decision that effectively wiped away any chance of those operational service TPIs who have no Service Pension or only part, of receiving the full Service Pension. Indeed, the TPI Federation President referred to these TPIs as “Millionaires” yet in the same breath was trying to gain them a $10,100pa increase in the SR in a campaign that has lasted 8 years and achieved no result.

The longevity of Directors and President in a position for far too long brings with it many problems, eg. complacency .  We want to see the Constitution changed and enforced so that once a tenure has been reached for a Board, President or Secretary position then change has to take place.  You can not argue that there are not enough Directors to enable a change in the Presidency every two years. Directors can change as well because within the TPI membership there are those with the expertise to take up these positions.

  • Our Directors have worked hard over many decades and their efforts and results speak for themselves as reflected in both State/Territory TPI Association achievements, as well as their work at a national level on the TPI Federation Board.

A number of Directors have become complacent and believe they are the only ones who can hold their position. Change is required if the Federation is going to move ahead.  Directors currently in their position and can not comprehend their responsibilities to the organization and membership should resign immediately.

  • The current TPI Federation President has been closely associated with the TPI community for 18 years. Initially this was, and still is, at the Committee level of the ACT TPI Association. In 2015, the President of the TPI Federation was elected unopposed.
  • In accordance with the Constitution, the TPI Federation elects and/or reaffirms the President every two years (with the last election held with the incumbent being re-affirmed in 2021 unopposed). This has been the case in the previous 3 elections. Another lie, Director Colin Benporath, TPI WA was beaten by one vote in the 2015 election by the then sitting Vice-President, who was also a Director of TPI ACT Branch.  Maybe, if Colin had been elected, we may have had a more functional TPI Federation. Just remember it is the Directors that elect the TPI Federation President and not the full membership.
  • In the 2021 President’s report, republished in the majority of the State/Territory TPI Association magazines, the TPI Federation President encouraged Members to seek election to that position. An invitation for this was extended to those disgruntled email TPI/SR authors to also be a part of that election process, but only those who are financial Members of their respective State/Territory TPI Associations who were also members of the TPI Federation (as required by the TPI Federation’s Constitution). How stupid is this response.  The TPI Federation President asks any financial member to put up for the Presidency and they states that you can only be a President if you are a member (in other words a Director) of the Federation. The President is elected by the Directors, what a farce.  The Constitution should be changed to allow any financial member to become President but only after the membership nation-wide has a chance to vote on those aspiring to the position.  Full resume should be provided by each applicant. After 3-years of emails and the social media onslaught the email authors toxic and unfounded assertions were once again repudiated by virtue of the President’s re-election in 2021. This is because the Directors can only elect the President. Where they failed miserably here is that the tenure of the President had been completed. The President should have been disbarred from a vote and the Directors should have elected another from those remaining.  In others words, poor management again on the part of the Federation. As for toxic emails and unfounded assertions, we will leave that up to each individual to consider.  Evidence on any of our concerns can be provided if asked.
  • For the first 3.5 years of the current TPI Federation President’s tenure, the TPI Federation Board operated in a harmonious and collegiate manner. Following the resignation of TPI Victoria Inc, this harmony was destroyed and interrupted – not by the remaining Directors – but by those, who no longer chose to be Members of the TPI Federation. These Veterans thought it appropriate to traduce individuals such as the President, the Executive including the Secretary, the Directors, Federation Researchers and the Honorary Solicitor, all in an attempt to destroy the TPI Federation.

Not true.  There were questions being asked as to direction and functioning of the Federation prior to the resignation of TPI Vic.  Since then, even Directors have called the TPI Federation President a liar and very loose when it comes to telling the truth.  Interesting the word ‘traduce’ afore mentioned which means “speak badly of or tell lies about (someone) so as to damage their reputation”. All of our concerns have been backed up by hard evidence and we totally refute the use of such accusations when our concerns have been in relation to the whole TPI veteran community.

  • The mostly inaccurate and wildly speculative inferences about misdeeds that were supposedly committed by all of the TPI Federation Board did not occur.

Fabrication in an attempt to convince all TPIs that all is well.  We know it is not and as stated on a number of occasions our concerns have been backed by hard evidence.

  • The TPI Federation Constitution of 17 March 2021 has been ratified by the Board and accepted by Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). It is the legitimate and legal Constitution upon which the TPI Federation operates formally and legally. This does not imply or suggest that the earlier versions of the Constitution were in any way not legally appropriate or binding.

As previously mentioned above in this email in relation to the revised Constitution, it is interesting in relation to only the Mar 21 Constitution being mentioned above.  No mention of the rewritten Constitution of Sep 2020 which was passed illegally at their Congress Meeting after Directors had been told by the TPI Federation President that the Federation Solicitor had approved the Constitution. The correct process for any changes for the Mar 2015 Constitution should have been from the full membership of the TPI Federation from grass root level membership through each State/Territory Branch, to the Directors for a vote at Congress and then sent to the Federation Solicitor for approval. The current TPI Federation Constitution would never have been approved by the membership across the nation as it gave the TPI Federation President a position of Director when in reality the Constitution states the TPI Federation President is a chairperson and spokesperson who can only vote when the Directors reach a tied vote.  The revised Constitution has not been approved by ACNC.  It has been uploaded to the ACNC site where it should have followed the rules of Governance under ACNC.  ACNC have been alerted to this illegal Constitution and are investigating.


  • Past elections of the TPI Federation Secretary were also conducted in a completely legal manner. The position of Secretary requires a full financial member of any State/Territory TPI Association to nominate in accordance with TPI Federation’s Constitutional requirements. This has always occurred and has been supervised by the TPI Federation’s Returning Officer.
  • Mr Shayne Eades Federation Secretary resigned from the TPI Federation on the 18th February 2022,  Mr Eades was notified of a pending Defamation case against him a week earlier.
  • Mr Eades resignation has not as yet been notified to the general membership, but his name has been removed from the ACNC responsible People list as the Public officer.
  • The resignation of Mr Eades will not be missed as the Federation President Ms Pat McCabe OAM has carried out the majority of the Secretary duties over the past 3 years, and with a professional minute taker being paid thousands of dollars each congress or close to $20000 dollars in the past 6 years, Mr Eades only real input was to spend thousands of dollars in non Covid 19 times travelling Perth to Canberra twice a year for a 3 day relaxing holiday at the TPI members expense.
  • The TPI Federation President recruited Mr Eades to be the Federation Secretary, but in reality, Ms McCabe is the Secretary, Director and President, which is why the TPI Federation of Australia is in a complete mess, managed and controlled by one person.

TPI Federation’s Recent Achievements

The TPI Federation is proud of the hard work and successes that have been attained over many decades. You may recall the success of former TPI Federation President, Mr Blue Ryan OAM, who was at the forefront of the 10-year campaign to obtain the rightful Indexation of the TPI Compensation payment. Since then, continued advocacy by the TPI Federation, on your behalf, has assisted campaigns for the provision of a number of benefits for TPIs.  Examples of these include –

  • TPI exemption from the 12-week treatment cycle for physiotherapy and exercise physiology – effective from 1st October 2019;
  • Removal of the DFISA payment with the TPI Compensation payment now becoming fully exempt from the income and assets tests for Centrelink and DVA entitlements – effective from 1st January 2022.

No push by the TPI Federation to have the Service Pension for operational service veterans exempt from income and assets tests. DFISA is the equivalent payment of the Service Pension.

  • Rent Assistance for eligible TPIs – effective from 1st January 2022; and
  • Lawn Mowing for VEA TPIs – effective from 1st January 2022;

(Unfortunately, all of these achievements were part of a 15-year campaign prosecuted individually. The question is; why does it take the Government so long to address such important issues?)

The TPI Federation Continues to Advocate

The TPI Federation continues its important hard work in advocating for many other issues that concern TPI/SR Veterans and their families. Examples of these include –

  • The continuing 9-year campaign to restore the total TPI Compensation Payment back to an acceptable level, following a 7-decade decline of that payment. The erosion has resulted in the Economic Loss/Above General Rate component of the payment being equal to approximately 62% of the minimum wage. The TPI Federation is fighting hard to have this component rightly increased to at least the tax-adjusted minimum wage. The TPI Federation’s rightful claim was affirmed by the 2021Senate Inquiry into the TPI Compensation Payment, which found and recommended unanimously that the TPI Compensation Payment did indeed need to be increased. The TPI Federation has always asserted that the least any Veteran could have reasonably expected to have earned, had they been able to work, was the minimum wage. The Minimum Wage (tax-adjusted and tax-free) is what is expected as the compensation benchmark for the Economic Loss component for all eligible TPI/SR Veterans who will never be able to work again.

Again an incorrect statement. The Senate Inquiry did not accept the submission for a $10,100pa increase to the SR, instead it said a MODEST increase should be considered by the government but did not go on to state what exactly was a MODEST increase or provide justification for same.  Refer to page 39 of the attached Final Report Special Rate.

  • The continuing 8-year campaign to address the needs of the TPI Gold Card holders. This campaign seeks a review of the adequacy of the Gold Card for ‘All Health Conditions’. Unfortunately, the Gold Card is now, for the purposes of pharmaceutical needs, only equivalent to the Centrelink Blue Healthcare Card. The TPI Federation seeks to reverse an inequity under which only Operational TPI Veterans receive and annual reimbursement for their pharmaceuticals as part of their compensation. The TPI Federation maintains that the pharmaceutical needs of all eligible Veterans must be fully compensated.

Here again you have a push by non-operational TPIs to ride on the backs of operational service TPIs benefits.  If the TPI Federation President had her way, she would want all benefits paid to operational service TPIs given to peacetime accident TPIs. Can you imagine what would happen if another war is started? Why go to war when you could get all the benefits by remaining at home. Operational service TPI war veterans are given certain advantages over peacetime veterans and those benefits must remain for them only.

  • The continuing 7-year campaign to fully compensate all eligible Veterans for their hearing needs and to remove the welfare nature in the provision of hearing aids. Hearing loss and tinnitus are the two most claimed-for conditions, and yet the provision of these aids is below par and only equal to the Centrelink Blue Healthcare Card. Injuries arising out of ADF Service should be properly compensated, and should never be reduced to a level of social welfare.
  • The continuing 10-year campaign for non-operational Veterans to gain access to, and utilise, the DVA Heart Health program, which should enable all eligible Veterans to have their health needs met by the Commonwealth. To pick-and-choose who gets which compensable healthcare benefit is unethical and discriminatory and does not satisfy all compensable conditions.
  • The 7-year campaign for all Veterans’ compensation payments to not be regarded as income for the MyAgedCare income and assets test requirement.


  • There are many other, but no less important campaigns, such as gaining DVA transport entitlement for all under 80-year-olds (and others), for which the TPI Federation will continue to campaign for, along with any issue that will assist all TPI/SRs and their families, to achieve a more financially viable lifestyle and to receive proper medical attention for all compensable healthcare needs.


The unfounded, defamatory and scurrilous criticisms that have been levelled at volunteers of the TPI Federation Executive and the Directors and the organisation itself, continue to be extremely unproductive and not supportive of the TPI Federation in being able to advocate on your behalf. Despite this, the Executive and Directors remain resolute in continuing to be there for you.

We totally refute the allegations made above. All concerns have been backed with facts and evidence and yet no response from the TPI Federation.  Again the TPI Federation making comments to intimidate TPIs from bringing these concerns to the TPI membership and to all TPIs across the country. We leave it to fellow TPIs to make up their minds as to what has been provided by the TPI Federation as displayed in this correspondence to them.  Should any TPI wish to access any documentation as to some of our concerns then feel free to make contact.  Most has been circulated across the country through our veteran network contacts and we will continue to do so.

Over many decades, the TPI Federation Executive and its Directors have achieved a number of very positive outcomes. The TPI Federation will never resile or apologise for making an effort for the benefit of all concerned, regardless of the Service rendered. In this vein, the TPI Federation lives and operates by its long-held moto “Different Service – Same Sacrifice”, because no matter the Service rendered, our individual Members who are all classified as TPI/SR remain our number one priority.

Again only part true when the TPI Federation President still maintains that the Service Pension is Welfare and not Compensation and is ignoring some 23,000 operational service veterans and their concern that all TPIs should be on equal Compensation Payments ie. the Special Rate and Full Service Pension.



Ms Pat McCabe OAM President

TPI Federation of Australia


Email: [email protected]

Ph:       0417 291 546            6th March 2022



Take care and Persevere,


Rick Ryan Maj (retd)

Life Subscriber

TPI Association WA Branch

ARA 25+ years

Disabled Vietnam Veteran TPI


Bill Williams

Life Member TPI Victoria

Life Member 1RAR Association Townsville

TPI Federation Director 2019-20

WO1 (Retd) 20 years Army

Disabled Vietnam Veteran TPI



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  • William Thomas Laidlaw March 13, 2022   Reply →

    Can this be condensed into understandable facts.

  • Rick Ryan March 14, 2022   Reply →

    As one of the disgruntled four as mentioned should subscribers wish to have a copy of the attachments referred to or The Real Truth attachment which has our comments highlighted in ‘red’ the contact me on email: [email protected] and they will be passed onto you. Persevere.

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