The real threat to the Russian Federation is not NATO

Posted by Mark Quan-Ching-Thu

I am realizing that the real threat to the Russian Federation is not NATO with Ukraine as a potential candidate or the US but actually **China**. Not that I particularly sympathize, but this may be something to watch with much seriousness.

The CCP now has made it clear that they wish to get involved in serious negotiations to end the war in Ukraine by assisting Kiev put Russian forces to a halt in advances and force the Kremlin to the negotiating table rather than help Russia defeat Ukraine by supplying arms as some claim as a result of the recent summit in Moscow. It makes no sense – It actually goes against their own immediate interests in Europe as Ukraine was once a major trading partner with China along with the EU and other NATO-aligned nations and they would like to restore that. It can cause turmoil in their economy and political game of global influence, which is bad business in the eyes of the CCP. They have no interest in dealing with sanctions. I’m sure the Kremlin realizes this as well. Which was the real reason for the recent Russia-China summit. They see China, not as a ‘friend’ but as a formidable threat to their very existence as a nation.

Unlike NATO or Ukraine, China has real ambitions, and the real ability, to completely take over the Russian Federation (Or dismantle it) and re-write its borders while plundering its wealth and exerting political influence upon the Russian population at large. Vladimir Putin knows this and is seriously on edge as a result in my opinion. It’s becoming clearer now to me that China was actually serious when it said it will not arm Russia, but rather without saying, they want it to fall and crumble like everyone else on the world stage albeit with completely different motives – geopolitical and militaristic domination on their own terms. Not Russia’s, not NATO, not the European Union’s not the United States either. To start I’m sure they would love to cause an overthrow of the Russian government as it stands now, then take back the land the USSR under Stalin **stole** in the aftermath of WW2, long game:

  • Sakhalin Island
  • Outer Manchuria
  • Outer Mongolia
  • Outer Xinjiang (now part of Kazakhstan, Kirghizstan, and Tajikistan, which were all formerly Russian and USSR territories)

Think about why the Sino-Soviet split occurred leading to a border conflict in the late 1960s starting in 1958 under Mao, leading to US President Nixon’s historic visit to China in 1972.

So it is interesting to note how now in recent news in an interesting parallel, President Zelensky and President Xi are potentially planning for talks in Kiev, each with different intentions, but regardless a common goal which is to stop Russia from advancing further. However, this obviously comes with risks being that China has geopolitical ambitions of its own in competing with the United States as superpowers and they are not bluffing: As it is we already saw how China has successfully played a power move in the Middle East – Broker a peace plan between Saudi Arabia and Iran to end the War in Syria and potentially even Yemen. They beat the United States to it.

Is Ukraine next? It will serve as a serious blow to the Biden administration back home here in the United States. I guess we will wait and see how this scenario plays out in the coming weeks or months.

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