The Misery of War Never Ends

By George Mansford©D

The good news, for me at least, is I am back on my feet and reaching for a Pen. All of which has been made possible by the medical fraternity, from skilled doctors, the dedicated and very professional Florence Nightingales and supporting staff.   Not forgetting a band of retired Sergeant Majors who visited to confirm I was not malingering. (Some were not convinced)

My salutations to all, particularly those who serve beneath our proud national flag and always the constant thoughts for those serving in dangerous places

For our politicians end this self-destruct madness now, before it reaches the very heart of our military.

George Mansford 


The Misery of War Never Ends

Soldiers are trained to kill and endure battle din

No second chance, no shoulder shrugging or apologetic grin

They bayonet, butt stroke, shoot to kill with double tap until done

It’s kill or be killed, until the battle is clearly won

And then after terrible fear and fiery rage have ended

Comes the time to respect and honour any white flag extended


That’s when you take a deep breath and reach out for sanity

Yet for many soldiers mid dark memories, calm dreams will never be

Given Canberra’s fickle feathered rules and ignorance of true seasons

In bloody arenas of hate and misery totally void of sound reason

Blood stained warriors are laden with rules that reduce odds of living

While mute blind masters in freshly laundered suits are unforgiving


Madness of war challenges reason and restraint, time and time again

Brutality masks respect and breeds hate so readily ingrained

Thus warrior armour needs guidance, rotation and adequate rest

Achievable rules and watchful eyes of seniors for behaviour to test

Alas, when asked to do yet another tour of duty with a new Forcel

Weary minds spurred by pride and with dry tongues utter “yes, of coursel”

George Mansford©D


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  • Barry Rissel December 16, 2022   Reply →

    George, glad to hear that you are back on your feet and doing well.

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