The Ghost of Yamashita Lives

A Tail of Two Generals

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The Australian-A Tale of Two Generals 201122


Brereton Protects the Generals Club

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Brereton Protects the Generals Club 201122

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  • Gino November 29, 2022  

    The saying that ” a fish rots from it’s head ” is now a proven truism.

  • Stephen Wise November 29, 2022  

    How much pressure was Brereton under?
    I never once had the pleasure of fighting alongside a General, (only having seen one, in real life) or a Lawyer.
    I can thank God and good luck for that.
    To know now that I was totally responsible for every personal and professional failure of my peers is a true comfort to me.
    Personal responsibility was explained to me by a Staff Sgt. at SME in 1966. That next land mine that you disarm will be LIVE and dangerous, very similar to a Brigadier. but it will be looking you in the eye. Land mine is a binary device – only 2 outcomes, BANG doesn’t have spin. I was 19 then and I laughed. He wasn’t laughing with me.
    Now I can sit in the sun wrapped in a mushy cloud of PTSD, have another rum and hope they never find out.

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