The Fall of Phuoc Tuy and Vung Tau – April 1975

Good morning, Ray

I am a keen reader of your Veteranweb – particularly of articles on the Vietnam War.

A Vietnam veteran – and Vietnamese linguist, I have written and published several books on the Vietnam War including on the Viet Cong D445 Battalion (two editions: 2011 – and revised in 2016 – 348,200 words); the Viet Cong D440 Battalion (2013); the North Vietnamese 33rd Regiment (two editions: 2014, revised 2017) and the 275 Viet Cong Regiment (225,000 words, 2022).

I only have about 60 copies of each book commercially printed, and I distribute them all as complimentary – i.e. free, copies, to e.g. the NAA and Victorian State Library (ie mandatory deposit copies), the Australian War Memorial, Army History Unit, DVA, ADF libraries, NZ Defence, museums, public libraries, historians, senior veterans etc. I also place these books on the Internet (via Scribd) as “free-to-read” for all.

I have also recently completed a shorter 78-page “Note” titled: “The Fall of Phuoc Tuy and Vung Tau – April 1975” – and have similarly passed complimentary copies to addressees as described above – and veteran colleagues.

You may wish to consider including advice on “The Fall of Phuoc Tuy and Vung Tau – April 1975” on your website as many Australian veteran readers of your website would probably find it quite interesting. If so, my intention would be to pass a copy of “The Fall” – of 78 pages, as an email attachment to any veteran, on request.

DATA: Title:

The Fall of Phuoc Tuy and Vung Tau – April 1975

Name of the author: Ernie Chamberlain – self-published

Blurb:  In April 1975 – as an element of the Ho Chi Minh Offensive, Vietnamese communist forces attacked towards Saigon but were blocked by the defences of the 18th ARVN Division at Xuan Loc. After several weeks of fierce fighting, the communist forces advanced down Route 2 past the Nui Dat base and took the town of Baria. Despite ARVN defences on Route 15 south-west of Baria – including the destruction of bridges, the communist forces seized Vung Tau. This work on the “Fall” describes the battles and the opposing forces and includes eight maps and 21 photos.

On request, complimentary – ie free, copies of this work can be emailed to veterans as a PDF attachment – ie from [email protected]


Ernie Chamberlain

[email protected]


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  • john schotte February 11, 2023   Reply →

    would like a copy of the book in pdf form of the fall of vung tau

  • Mike Gillen February 11, 2023   Reply →

    Have tried twice to e-mail Ernie and both times have received reply saying unable to find address ??

  • Glenn Payne February 13, 2023   Reply →

    Try putting an .au on the the end of that email address

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