A lifetime after Vietnam, US veteran delivers a diary to its home.

KY ANH DISTRICT, Ha Tinh Province, Vietnam – On a spring evening at the end of January, Ha Huy My received the phone call his family had been waiting for.

A few days before, local officials had contacted him looking for information about his uncle, who had died in 1967 in the war.

At his family home, nestled beneath its red tile roof among a village of blue and green houses by the sparkling sea, Huy My wondered: Why are they asking? About his uncle who had gone to war and died so long ago, a man named Cao Van Tuat, a man he never really knew?

Then, a short time later, he heard a rumour about a fallen soldier’s diary that had been found by an American veteran.

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How US veteran found Vietnamese soldier’s diary and delivered it home (

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