T-Rex Sniper

A Ukrainian soldier with a massive Snipex “T-Rex” anti-material rifle. Built by XADO-Holding Limited located in Kharkiv, Ukraine, the T-Rex is a bolt-action rifle chambered for the Russian 14.5x114mm round. As a precision rifle, the barrel is free-floating and the rifle has an adjustable cheek rest, bipod (which can be moved up and down slides on the barrel to suit the firer), and an adjustable rear monopod in the bottom of the stock for additional stability. For mounting optics, a Picatinny rail is fitted to the top of the weapon. To reduce the recoil, the T-Rex has a multi-baffle muzzle brake and a recoil isolator in the stock. The T-Rex is a bullpup design despite being bolt-action with the bolt carrier group situated behind the trigger. In order to keep the weight down, the cheek rest, butt plate, and carry handle are made from polymer material. Despite this, the T-Rex is a hefty 55 pounds with a length of 5.9 feet. It was accepted into Ukrainian Armed Forces service in 2020.

For a sight, this rifleman has the Snipex Galaxy G50 6-24×56 long range scope mounted on the Picatinny rail. It allows for elevation adjustment in 1 mil intervals down to a more precise 0.1 mil integral while the windage adjustment is done solely in 0.1 mil increments. Total elevation adjustment range is 50 mils with 12 mils being the maximum windage adjustment range. The scope has a weight of 4.7 pounds.

The soldier has also equipped his T-Rex with the Snipex SN-RS 14.5-01 suppressor. In addition to hiding the muzzle flash, the suppressor reduces the shot noise by at least 32 decibels. However, it adds 1.6 feet to the length of the T-Rex and adds 15 pounds to the weapon. In total, as configured here, the weapon is 7.5 feet long and weighs 74.7 pounds.

The effective range of the T-Rex is up to 1.2 miles with a maximum range of 4.3 miles.


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