Subs deal under scrutiny

Indonesia is worried that sharing nuclear submarine technologies will lead to the development of more nuclear weapons. In its submission to a United Nations review, our neighbour didn’t name us or our government’s plans to develop nuclear-powered subs under the AUKUS pact, but it adds to China’s concerns about the deal. The AUKUS agreement is expected to come under scrutiny during a month-long UN conference that started in New York overnight, covering progress on implementing the Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The agreement aims to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and has been ratified by 191 signatories since it came into effect as the Cold War raged. The treaty has been criticised for a loophole that allows non-nuclear countries like Oz to access nuclear technology, but AUKUS crossed their hearts on upholding international law.

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  • Steve August 4, 2022   Reply →

    Indo’s don’t want us to have nuclear subs cause it will make it that much more difficult for them to attack Oz when the CCP attacks Taiwan. They have never been a good ‘neighbour and certainly not friends to Oz.

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