I am a middle-aged, mixed-race Aboriginal Australian; I am a realistic logical-thinking member of this country we all call our own … Australia!

I have been a mixed-race Aboriginal Australian all my life … even back in the days when it wasn’t popular.

I pay taxes, donate, volunteer, and work for a better life for my family, myself and those around me!

I am a hard-working Australian and I have done long hours over many years to earn a living.

I believe in the freedom of religion, but I don’t push it on others. I always purchased and drove Australian-made cars, and I believe in Australian products and buy them whenever I can.

I believe the money I make belongs to me and not some bloody governmental socialist or communist from Labor, Greens or Liberal, that assumes they know how to spend my money better than me!

I’m in touch with my feelings and who I am … period!

I don’t need some unqualified, inexperienced, opinionated “Lefty” trying to infiltrate my children’s minds with conspiracy theories about sex, climate, politics, religion or gender, they are children, so let them simply be children!

I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimised and does not entitle you to anything. Get over it!

I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac or any other item, you should do it in English, there should be no other language option in our public service, as is the case in so many other countries around the world.

I believe all Australians have a rightful place to live alongside the traditional Aboriginal inhabitants of this great country.

My heroes are fellow Australians like Don Bradman, Albert Namatjira, Slim Dusty, Fred Hollows and the Aussie scientists who invented the bionic ear and Wi-Fi to mention just a few.

I don’t hate the rich but hate the way they always find ways to pay less taxes. I don’t pity the poor; I hate the way they are always crying that they are hard done by!! We all had the same educational opportunities.

I know wrestling is fake and I don’t waste my time watching or arguing about it.

I believe if you don’t like the way Australia is, leave … pure and simple, go back to where you came from and change your own country!

This is AUSTRALIA … We like it the way it is and more so the way it was … so stop trying to change it to look like some other socialist country! If you were born or legally migrated here and don’t like it … you are free to move to any Socialist country that will have you. I believe it is time to clean house, starting with the Lodge, the seat of our biggest problems.

Why has politics become a vocation with guaranteed rewards far greater and longer lasting than any other trade or profession … with zero performance-based criteria?

I want to know exactly, where the “Do Gooders” get their money from, and why are they always part of the problem and not the solution?

I also think the police have the right to pull you over if you’re breaking the law, regardless of what race, colour or creed you are.  And, no, I don’t mind having my face shown on my driver’s license. I think it’s good.

I dislike those people standing in the intersections trying to sell me stuff or trying to guilt me into making ‘donations’ to their cause … Get a job and do your part to support yourself and your family!

I believe that it doesn’t take all the intellectuals to raise a child, it takes two parents …

I believe ‘illegal’ is illegal no matter what the lawyers think!

I believe the Australian flag should be the only one allowed to be flown in Australia!

At a Victorian high school, foreign students raised a Middle Eastern flag on a school flag pole. Australian students took it down. Guess who was expelled … the students who took it down.

West Australian high school students were sent home because they wore T-shirts with the Australian flag printed on them.

Enough is enough.

This message needs to be viewed by every Australian, and every Australian needs to stand up for Australia. We’ve bent over to appease the Aussie haters long enough. I’m taking a stand. I’m standing up because of the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in wars for this country, and for the Australian still fighting. And shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message.

Australians, stop giving away your rights!


This statement does not mean I’m against immigration!

You are welcome here in our country, welcome to come legally:

  1. Get a sponsor!
  2. Learn the language, as immigrants have in the past!
  3. Live by our rules! Dress as we Australians Do
  4. Get a job!
  5. Pay your Taxes!
  6. No Social Security until you have earned it and paid for it!
  7. Now find a place to lay your head!

If you don’t share my view for fear of offending someone, then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!

We’ve gone so far, the other way … bent over backwards not to offend anyone.



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  • Gary Burgess May 14, 2023  


    Sgt. Gardner.

    Stand up Australia continued, We should all do what has been been suggested and return AUSTRALIA to what it once was, without all the bullshit that accompanies this new vision for OUR country, there is not any particular group of people that own this country. Citizens of Australia look after this land.

    Just as a footnote
    I would have thought that I am indigenous, as I was born here, as were my ancestors, that isn’t just “dream-time” this can be proven.
    Oh, I almost forgot I agree wholeheartedly with the author of the first edition in this series keep it up.

  • Scott Ide May 14, 2023  

    Many thanks to the author for his motivating post. 100% agree with and support his view. Can sit at my table with his family any day.

  • Stephen Wynn May 17, 2023  

    Well said, keep it up.

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