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For us old farts an update on uniforms and ceremonial footwear in today’s Army. I got this info from a mate who recently got of the Army.

A bit different to our time when serving. RM Williams boots are not cheap….

Check out the recruits in the photo.

For at least 8 years now the issue parade boot has been the RM Williams. Brush polished not spit-polished ….  High Shine patent leather and the RMC steel soled Baxter’s are still permitted if they were issued but will not be replaced once they become unserviceable.

You will also note that the old poly pants are now almost a brown colour. Same for the service dress, as it has gone back to being a brown as opposed to the recently replaced dark green but different material. The Australia badge fitted to the left shoulder is now an oval shape from the rectangular pattern within the last few years. The background is also brown as are the officer’s shoulder boards.

Jungle Greens became “Cams” or Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform (DPCU) or the Desert Cam s for the middle east. Then they became AMCU or the current Australian Multi Camouflage Uniform. The army is three shades of green, the Navy three shades of dark blue and the RAAF three shades of a lighter blue. A different pattern has been issued in the last three years.

These recruits have for the last 10 weeks, trained together, showered together, slept together, farted together, yet they had to wear masks to the parade in an outside environment….
What a load of horseshit..!!


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