South Pacific defence ministers reaffirm enhanced regional security response


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By: Nastasha Tupas

The annual South Pacific Defence Ministers’ Meeting (SPDMM) brought together defence ministers from Australia, Chile, Fiji, France, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Tonga virtually to reaffirm their commitment to work together in response to shared security threats.

Australian Minister for Defence Peter Dutton chaired the important forum during a time of significant change to the regional security landscape.

“The SPDMM provides a platform to drive more effective regional co-operation with partners that share our interest in a peaceful and secure Pacific,” Minister Dutton said.

“The challenge of COVID-19 has underscored that we are stronger and more resilient when we respond to common challenges together.”

“We shared lessons learned from our experience with pandemic management and discussed how to navigate defence co-operation in the new normal.”

A number of substantive outcomes were agreed.

Australia supported the Pacific-led initiative to develop a Regional Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Response Framework to refine the way countries within the south Pacific work together when disaster strikes.

“We are increasingly standing by each other at times of need and a more structured capability will enable this,” Minister Dutton said.

“An information-sharing arrangement was also agreed to, which will make it easier to exchange information of various forms.

“The POVAI ENDEAVOUR Framework will also be refreshed, which we exercise together and enhance our interoperability.”


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