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Page 109 of ‘THE RECLUSIVE CURMUDGEON’ by Murray Elliott

When it comes to the truth, there are some things that are better to be ignorant of. You can fly your Aussie flag and sing Waltzing Matilda, but be wary of where you do it because there are a lot of areas within the Australian continent that are not Australian owned, and for that matter nor is Waltzing Matilda. The melody was from Irish origins and there was an American copyright on the song in the nineties.

To date; Port of Darwin, Cockatoo Island in western Australia and Keswick, St Bees, Lindeman, South Molle and Daydream Islands in the Whitsundays are all under Chinese control. China is a 50% shareholder in the Port of Newcastle, on Australia’s eastern coast and they have bought the Port of Melbourne in 2016

Energy Australia, which has 1.7 million customers, is owned by the China Light and Power Company after being sold off by the NSW government for $1.4 billion in 2011. And Alinta Energy, which has 1.1 million customers, was sold by its private owners to Chow Tai Fook Enterprises for $4 billion in 2017.

The Chinese have interests in a total area of Australian agricultural land of 9,199,000 hectares in 2019. Freehold foreign ownership of Australian agricultural land between the Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, and China amount to 4,700,000 hectares, land within our country which we have no rights to be on, and which will not benefit the Australian public with agricultural production.

Can the Chinese own property in China?

There is no private ownership of land in China. One can only obtain rights to use land. A land lease of up to 70 years is usually granted for residential purposes. … Property ownership for investment by foreign companies and individuals is prohibited.

Why do we tolerate governments B of either persuasion who allow other countries to buy our inherited country and to dictate terms of trade to us when they are producing on our homeland and from our raw materials? Why would a state government that receives most of its income from Chinese purchases of iron ore sell an Australian iron ore mine to China?

Why would a government that has just embarked on the process of forming a fleet of nuclear submarines as a deterrent against China allow the Chinese to sit on Cockatoo Island just off the shore from our ADF air base and why would any Australian government allow the Chinese to make a full-sized airstrip on Cockatoo Island and also the communist party owned China Southern Airlines partially owns Merredin Aerodrome, 260 kilometres east of Perth, and has control of the runways, hangars and the control tower. Another Chinese airstrip exists in the Kimberley Port of Cape Preston. Even the blind, deaf and dumb pinball player would have his hackles up with the imminent danger residing in this hostile grab for geostrategic significant opportunities on our Australian homeland.

China has recently announced it will build a new $200 million fishery complex at Daru Island in PNG’s western province and a mere six-hour boat ride from Thursday Island off the coast of Australia’s northernmost point.

We have given multi-billions of dollars and endless aid to the Papua New Guineans, Tongans, Tulagi (Solomon Islands), Vanuatu, Fiji, et al; so now they have all let the Chinese through their encircling reefs to create wharves, bases and a financial stranglehold on their respective sovereignties. The aggregation of strategic real estate through Melanesia, South China Sea,  Sri Lanka and Myanmar and the Pacific is all part of the Chinese Beidou seven satellite navigation system created to indemnify the Chinese from the loss of all other GPS systems in the event of a conflict. Australia’s answer to the threat can be witnessed in the televised sessions of parliament, which provides you with fifty shades of stupidity, mediocrity, debauchery and last but not least inadequacy. All forms of Australian government have systematically disarmed the people; by taking their weapons, their education, their jingoism, their resolve to even care for the country and the ability to respect any leader and to thoroughly believe that they work in the interests of our country.

I am a patriotic chauvinist and I find it difficult to discover others who feel the same way as me; there is always some righteous imperative causing Aussie people to place a politically correct, Woke agenda before the interests of our own country and that reality isolates me from the majority principles, and therefore, the team. Remember, while you are patting and caring for that cuddly little baby Grizzly Bear cub, you are nanoseconds away from Mum arriving and asserting her power to transform you into a bear cub main course.

Political correctness and Woke, along with all those sickly sweet, pink, wonderful, cuddly, lurid pastel coloured and happy music accompanied heady days after the Second World War was OK then because the bomb had been expended.  The pressure valve had been released from the world and you could afford to be gay and hippie, irreverent, alternative, and outspoken. All the pent-up vitriol of that era had been let loose, but to attempt to revisit that sort of Alice in Wonderland philosophy, with all this poppycock, smarmy, bullshit today, whilst the biggest bomb in the history of mankind is ticking louder every minute, is setting you all up to be the next line of crestfallen concentration camp residents to be placidly walked into the church to be burned alive.

When you contemplate Biden, Boris Johnson, Macron, Morrison, Bolsonaro, Trudeau, Narendra Modi, Mario Draghi, Xi Jinping, Putin, Scholz, Widodo, Kim Jongun, Imran Khan, Mahmoud Abbas, Erdogan, Bashar alAssad and Pope Francis as your emissaries of peace, and you can forecast fine weather ahead, then I would like to be imbibing whatever it is that is giving you such benign hallucinations. And, by the way, if there is any chance that you think that the replacement of Morrison with Albineze will improve anything at all, then you really are taking something special. It is not the leaders which make good ingredients for the cake; it is their ability to create a positive, content, productive and progressive nation behind them.

My personal opinion is that none of the countries behind the leaders I have mentioned fall into that collective description, and as a result the whole cake is bitter, it is fermenting and it is becoming explosive due to proletariat unrest across the board.

Murray Elliott



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