Simply no place for unfounded alarmism

AUSTRALIA is not now at war at home or abroad.

Greens senator Lydia Thorpe insists Australia has been at war for 200 years, but she talks big and waves a small stick.

Community division as Thorpe imagines is alien to the overwhelming majority of Australians, while her party has no stomach for quelling her ideological excesses because, quite frankly, they need to retain her vote and her shallow support base.

Despite Thorpe’s outlandish claims, Australia has been spared internal conflict of the sort which has plagued other countries.

There was no “invasion”, but an inevitable occupation by then colonising powers, with Britain beating the Dutch and French by a whisker.

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Simply no place for unfounded alarmism | Australian Defence History, Policy and Veterans Issues (

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  • Greg Ivey February 6, 2023  

    Ross, you are right to point out the mistakes about our history by inexperienced Senators and I encourage you next to review the speeches by the inexperienced Senator Price.
    You made several cautionary observations about the conflicts within other national democracies and we could add Brexit and Northern Ireland.
    The Australian people are learning to handle internal conflicts differently, such as the National Cabinet. Our elected Federal and State Governments are handling the Voice Referendum constructively in contrast to the destructive voices seen on social media.
    This is an exceptional initiative arising from the majority of indigenous people across our nation; and it deserves an Australian constructive response. Let’s not be fearful (or cowardly) and shoot ourselves in the foot by saying No.
    As you say, in this matter there is “simply no place for unfounded alarmism”.

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