Should the ADF recruit Pacific Islanders?

Tahlea Aualiitia speaks with Tarcisius Kabutaulaka, associate professor at the University of Hawai’i, about growing calls for the Australian Defence Force to recruit citizens of Pacific Islands nations.

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  • I have in my lifetime lived in PNG some 35 years.
    In 1965 I worked with the PIR and in the early 2000’s have utilised the Engineer Battalion on several large Civil projects. Based upon my experiences in PNG I would be very enthusiastic about building a South Pacific Regiment or more. There are many ways to approach it but the main factor…the manpower is great quality if organised correctly.
    The individual has many similar interests to Australians such as AFL or the NRL. They have a great sense of humour and are able to laugh at themselves.
    Highly intelligent people and very good to train and work with.
    It’s a sleeping resource and our government would be wise to take advantage of this resource.

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