Seventy Diggers to help train Ukrainians

By Ben Packham

Australia will deploy up to 70 ADF personnel to train Ukrainian troops, and send another 30 Bushmaster protected vehicles, pictured above, to the country to support its war against Russia.

The Australian Defence Force trainers will be based in Britain from January 2023 as part of Operation Interflex – the British-led effort to train Ukrainian forces.

The extra Bushmasters, which Ukrainian troops have lauded for their battlefield performance, brings the number of the vehicles now pledged to Ukraine to 90.

Ukraine is desperate to speed up the delivery of the promised Bushmasters and M113 armoured personnel carriers, which are being shipped at the rate of just three a fortnight.

It’s understood Ukraine has made an informal request for US support to transport the Australian vehicles to Europe.

Anthony Albanese said Australia had been unequivocal in its support for Ukraine and its condemnation of Vladimir Putin. “We will continue to stand up for freedom and democracy,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is a not just about Ukraine’s sovereignty; the brave people of Ukraine are defending international law, rules and norms.”

The Australian training support follows the deployment of 30 New Zealand Army trainers to the UK-led mission, and an Ardern government commitment to send another 120.

The government has made it clear “no ADF personnel will enter Ukraine”.

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  • R Spragg October 27, 2022   Reply →

    If there was one thing that I learned after serving in South Vietnam is that Australia should pull its head in and stop interfering in other countries problems. All it is going to do is to cost the tax payer a LOT of money.

  • Stevow October 30, 2022   Reply →

    According to R Spragg when the Chinese come knocking, we should be left alone to fend them off, or maybe capitulate and learn the Chinese language. If it wasn’t for our ally the US, Indonesia would have been here long ago.
    I agree The whole Vietnam experience was a political fiasco and human tragedy, but we all need ‘friends’ for when another Hitler flexes his muscles.
    One would hope the Ukraine situation does not end up like Vietnam where some peace keepers suddenly became 3 infantry battalions, and support.

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