SASR , the bullshit that has fallen on those magnificent men.

In relation to the media / political assassination of Christian Porter and the defence of his innocence till proven guilty. This is disgraceful and utterly absurd, yet obviously now in Australia you are now found guilty in the court of public opinion and by far left wing biased politicians and media. He has been defended by Morrison and others and still the media and far left persist to crucify him.

So my point is I am finding it hard to come to terms with and I am bloody angry with the instant guilt and punishment that was and is being incurred on our Special Forces soldiers that without trial, civil and military even under the Defence Act have so far been somehow found guilty and have been made to show cause why they should remain in the Army.  They have lost pay, have been suspended from all duty, have been hung out to dry as war criminals, lost their good name and earned respect and yet have not faced any prosecution whatsoever. All this because of an agenda driven report by an incompetent Brereton of those in SASR and  the Commando Regiments who conducted operations against an insidious and fierce enemy in Afghanistan, who Australian politicians sent to fight on behalf of Australians. Where ludicrously and so bloody well incompetently based on evidence apparently garnered from Afghani’s via adds by our government in local Afghani newspapers. Does this not ring of stupidity and system failure ? Do Australians really think Afghanis will be honest and accurate in their tales of Australian atrocity’s and rampages of murder and rapine in our Army by the ruthless thugs of Australian Army ? Does Morrison and his PC wokists really take thinking Australians for mugs ?

 Because the whole contradiction here is that the same people defending Porter from the same persecution are the same people consigning our soldiers to guilt and punishment before they have even defended themselves in a court of law.

And this was started and announced before the Brereton garbage was released , namely by a holier than thou  Morrison who  obviously, with his hand up General Campbells behind,  who is beholden to his political master to say and do whatever he is told carried out the punishments I stated above  and of disbanding the  SASR 2 Sqn and the rest is now history .

 Is there someone able to take this up and get Morrison to pull his head in.

I was a respected and experienced veteran ( Veteran as in the real meaning, I have been on ops, not the peace time meaning of just having been in the ADF) serving Infantry soldier and later an  officer in the Regular Army for 30 years, I served in the Special Forces Organisation for nearly 10 years and have deployed on ops and training teams. And I will tell you now that the word is out, dont join our Army because what ever you do you will not be backed by our Government and population, because we are expendable as PC and political playthings to be abused as the politicians and the left have so successfully done and demonstrated in this case.

 And If I was a soldier I would pull the pin and get the hell out of this joke of an Army right now. Because quite frankly Australia has been white anted from the inside and is just not worth dying for. I could go on but I think you get the gist of my anger.

 Best Regards

 Mark Thorp

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