Russia’s New Stealth Bomber – the Invisible PAK-DA

PAK DA is essentially a next-gen long-range stealth bomber, similar to the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit bomber. Like the B-2, the PAK DA will probably have a flying wing design, although this is only known from promotional material. This would be the first truly Russian bomber—not simply a legacy Soviet design, or improvements upon them.


Russia's New Stealth Bomber – the Invisible PAK-DA – YouTube

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  • Robert Sherwood January 28, 2022   Reply →

    The russkies probably stealthed the drawings from the Grumman waste baskets – never had an original thought in their bolshie brains (oh, sorry, of course they invented the atomic bomb, how silly of me) but they did design the Kalashnikov which proved to be a success because the machining was so poor it could work in all conditions.

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